Concierge Service

The principle of Travel Centre Maldivesis to fulfill the wishes of guests without restrictions and in the shortest possible time!

We understand how important it is to provide timely support, to mobilize all the company’s resources to meet all the needs of guests.

The range of our services is limitless, below is just a small list of what we can do on request:

  • Find the necessary medicines and arrange delivery to the resort;
  • Make a schedule of events during the entire holiday of guests;
  • Find and deliver baby care products (diapers, food, and more);
  • Order flower delivery;
  • Organize a party;
  • Organize a wedding ceremony;
  • Invite musicians;
  • Invite a hairdresser;
  • Deliver a dress for the event.


You can send a request for сconcierge – services to