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Where is Maldives? – Where is this Paradise that Everyone is Talking About?

The Indian Ocean is home to numerous islands and the Asian continent boasts most of them knows WHERE IS MALDIVES ISLANDS.

Maldives is one of the countries that consist of islands as the sole living areas for its inhabitants. It is also referred officially as the Republic of Maldives and sometimes just Maldives Islands. This island nation is situated in Indian Ocean within the Arabian Sea region.WHERE IS MALDIVES ISLANDS

Maldives location in reference to other areas can be expressed in many dimensions. Its double chains of twenty six atolls stretch between Minicoy Island and Chagos Archipelago. Minicoy is the furthest south of Lakshadweep. These islands lie about 430 miles south west of Sri Lanka in the Laccadive Sea and 250 miles south west of India.WHERE IS MALDIVES ISLANDS

Accessing Maldives by air from South-East Asia use Male International Airport. Direct fights from China, Dubai, Singapore and Europe also exist. ( Travel Centre Maldives)

Country’s Details

There are about 1192 islands in Maldives although only 192 are inhabited. These islands are divided into inhabited, uninhabited and dispersed.WHERE IS MALDIVES ISLANDS

Dispersed simply refers to those that have been eroded or submerged by the sea due to the rising water level. Some of them have also been assimilated by other islands but are still in recorded history.

The uninhabited ones refer to those that have no permanent human settlement and are used for industrial or agricultural purposes. Recent use has seen tourist resorts and picnic packages arranged to exploit the aesthetic beauty.WHERE IS MALDIVES ISLANDS

Maldives location makes it the country with the lowest natural highest landmark on the globe at only 2.4 meters. It is also the lowest country in the world with an average altitude of 1.5 meters above sea level. Its territory covers approximately 35,000 square miles and home to a population of slightly above 320,000 as of 2012. It is the smallest country in Asia and also holds the lowest population record of the continent.

Maldives location can be geographically described by its 26 pairs of atolls that lie in a north-south direction.

The coral islands are spread over 90, 000 kilometers which earns it a spot in the world’s most dispersed countries. Its latitudinal location is 1 degree south and 8 degrees north while the longitudinal location is 72 and 74 east. These islands are organised into 21 divisions of administration.WHERE IS MALDIVES ISLANDS

The atolls consist of sand bars and live coral reefs that lie on top of a 600 mile submarine ridge. The ridge runs north-south of the Indian Ocean and has two open passages on the southern end that allow safe boat navigation from one side to the other. These passages run through Maldives territorial waters and are guarded. ( Travel Centre Maldives)

The populous islands


As aforesaid, the Maldives Islands are 1192 in number but only has 192 approved residential ones. The largest island is Gan which is located in Laamu Atoll also known as Hahdhummathi Maldives. It is also the longest and divided into wards (Thundi, Mathimandu and Mukurimagu). It is linked with Maandhoo which is an uninhabited island by a short causeway. Maldives capital center is located in its largest city called Male found in the southern part of North Male Atoll. On an average estimation, each Maldives atoll has 5-10 of its island uninhabited. WHERE IS MALDIVES ISLANDS

The atolls can be as large as 31 miles north-south and 18 miles east-west but no single island is longer than 5 miles. An atoll consists of between 20 to 60 islands and no hills are found in the Maldives Islands. However, there exist several dunes with the highest being 2.4 meters (7.2 feet).

There are seven provinces in Maldives which are also identified code letters. The westernmost islands of Addu Atoll are connected by a road (Link Road) constructed above the coral reef and runs 9 miles. Other islands include Dhiddhoo, Kulhudhuffushi, Funadhoo, Manadhoo, Ungoofaru, Eydhafushi, Naifaru, Rasdhoo, Mahibadhoo among many others. These are all capital centers of the renowned atolls. The 26 atolls have 200 islands uninhabited. These are some of the factors that make Maldives to be a preferred tourist destination for many holiday enthusiasts. ( Travel Centre Maldives)


Maldives location and close proximity to seal level poses the threat of submergence due to continued global warming that has seen significant rise of this level.

The events of 2004 tsunami caused severe losses to the islands. The country gained independence from the British in 1965 and is led by a government headed by authoritarian president.

The population consists of diverse Asian origins and their languageis Dhivehi. Importing alcohol or pork is forbidden as well as exporting corals and seashells.

Now that you know where is Maldives, you can already plan your vacation here. Visiting this tropical paradise should be included I anyone’s bucket list.  view our collection of maldives resorts

( Travel Centre Maldives)


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