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Visit the underwater world in the Whale Submarine

Discovering the beauty hidden beneath the deep blue sea of Maldives by scuba diving is an amazing experience. However, non-divers don’t have to be left out of witnessing breathtaking views and magnificent sea creatures that populate the sub-aquatic territory of Maldives. Descend to a submerged reef 45 meters beneath the surface and visit the underwater world in the Whale Submarine.

The Whale Submarine has accomplished more than 2000 dives safely and can carry 50 passengers down to 150 meters underwater. Inside the amazing Whale Submarine, you will be able to breathe safe air as the cabin has normal atmospheric pressure and is fully air-conditioned. To ensure a comfortable and safe ride, there are safety features on the submarine as well. Children under the age of 3 are not allowed on the submarine due to the nature and activities.

The Whale Submarine dives day and night starting from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. with an interval of 90 minutes between each dive. Catch sight of tear drop reef that is located between Male’ and Villingili when you visit the underwater world in the Whale Submarine. Before the dive begins you will be briefed by the crew inside the Submarine about the site and safety procedures and equipment’s. There are fish cards which will help you identify the type of fish you see, or you can ask the crew who are always ready to help.

The first stop will be 25 meters below sea level where you will get to stare at the vibrant coral reefs and numerous types of reef fish. You will be accompanied by turtles, school of yellow tail or blue stripped snappers, yellow box fish, common lion fish and more. Next, you will stop at 40 meters, depending on the current, the submarine will be lowered on a sandy spot surrounded by another type of reef house close to big cave. There are external lights on the submarine which will help you see different types of fish like white tip reef sharks and napoleons inside the cave. Based on the current and day, the submarine may visit some historical sites underwater such as shipwrecks or a shark feeding area and many more.

A visit to the underwater world in the Whale Submarine lasts 45 minutes. After your submarine dive is over you will dropped at Male’ or the airport. The Whale Submarine is the most advanced passenger tourist submarine in the world. If you’re in Maldives, go for a dive in the Whale Submarine. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Contact Travel Centre Maldives to arrange a dive on the Whale Submarine.

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