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Velaa Private Island- Truly beyond luxury

Velaa Private island is one of the most wonderful resorts which is said to have opened in December 2013. This luxury resort is located in Noonu Atoll and is a small circle-like island which is wholly dedicated to present its visitors with a private hideaway which is extraordinary and truly remarkable! (Velaa Private Island- Truly beyond luxury)

The resort is defined as the ultimate private resort offering a ‘beyond luxury’ experience! The plethora of the other top Maldivian resorts are well-known to us all. Since this is so, what does this luxury resort have to present itself as the one offering a beyond luxury experience?? (Velaa Private Island- Truly beyond luxury)

As it is worth expecting, Velaa Private Island offers first class modern amenities and facilities! And this contributes to make this luxury resort one of the commendable ones in Maldives! (Velaa Private Island- Truly beyond luxury)

Velaa Prviate Island consists of 45 villas which are blended to create an authentic luxurious paradise. These villas are exclusive and features Top Designer Items only! (Velaa Private Island- Truly beyond luxury)

If you are wondering what this luxury resort offers as leisure activities, then you are in for something amazing! Do not worry if you cannot dive or swim! You get to savour the mesmerizing aquatic paradise from the private semi submarine! (Velaa Private Island- Truly beyond luxury)

The cuisines and buffets in Velaa Private Island is surely bound to be unique and acts as a feather to the hat of ‘beyond luxury’! For instance, Tavaru Restaurant is one of the most remarkably structured restaurants which has become an iconic place to visit! As a result, Tavaru restaurant is now, one of the most outstanding destinations in Maldives, the sunny side of life! (Velaa Private Island- Truly beyond luxury)

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