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Useful travel tips in Maldives

Are you planning to pay a visit to Maldives?? Well, you are in for an epic journey. Get ready to have the best days of your life BUT if you do plan to visit Maldives, then there are useful travel tips in Maldives that you ought to keep in mind.

Travel Advice

Maldives is a developing country and in the heart of Maldives, which is Male’ you are most likely to find hustling and bustling crowds. If you want to get the best of Maldives, then do keep in mind that you need to schedule your day very carefully. Avoid days of political activities. It is wise to contact a trip advisor or a tour guide.

Maldivian visa

If you are from a SAARC country, you could be given a 90 days stay while others are given 30 days stay. IF you would like to stay longer, you should apply for the visa extension. The other method is that you need to leave the country and return again later. Although it is not enforced, you are to show USD30 for every single day. Another point is that you should know which hotel you are going to reside in. You should also have an air ticket of the country you took departure from just in case you are interrogated by the immigration. These are the core useful tips in Maldives.

Getting around in Maldives

Buses take you around the main roads and stops at pre-confirmed spots, cars or taxis can be opted for fare. Otherwise if you need to visit another island from Male’, then you can go on a ferry! In terms of transportation, these are useful travel tips in Maldives.

Emergency services

If you are in an emergency situation then call 119 for the National Police Force. It is a free number. If you need an ambulance, it is required to call 102. Of course, these important contacts shall already be saved in your contact list when you purchase a telecommunication SIM.


Maldivian currency is known as Rufiyaa. 1Rufiyaa consists of 100Laari. Laari acts as a cent in American currency. Coins normally used are 1Rf and 2Rf. Notes come as 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500!!


To have a safe and yet utterly satisfying holiday in Maldives, keep these useful tips in Maldives in your mind!! We await to have you here.


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