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Useful facts about Maldives that travelers should be aware of

Notable around the world as a tropical paradise on earth, Maldives is a tourist destination that is loved by many holidaymakers. Travelers who visit this Island Nation often come back to luxuriate in the natural beauty and elegance, whilst others add Maldives to their bucket list and dream of getting a chance to spend a holiday someday. Regardless, there are certain things to know if you are planning a trip to this tropical destination. And so, here are some Useful facts about Maldives that travelers should be aware of.

The Tropical Climate: Since Maldives is nestled on the equatorial region, this archipelago is renowned for having the perfect holiday weather. However, it is also quite unpredictable. The country does experience occasional grey days and rain showers, nevertheless, the sun keeps shining most of the time and it is still an ideal destination for a beach vacation.

Free Tourist Visa: one of the best things about visiting the Sunny Side of Life is that travelers from any corner of the globe are issued a free visa of 30 days upon arrival, without any prior arrangements. However, travelers should keep in mind that the visa only allows them to spend a holiday in Maldives and cannot be used for any other purposes.

Transportation via Sea & Land: Maldives is a country surrounded by the cerulean ocean, and since each island is secluded from one another, the main means of transportation used are speedboat, seaplane and inbound flight. The method used differs according to the chosen holiday spot, and how far they are located from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

Tourist Resorts on Private Islands: This holiday destination has a unique concept of ‘One Island, One Resort’ when it comes to the Tourism Industry. Each resort is set on an individual island which is separated by the sea and tucked away from the rest, offering the most exclusive holiday experience for travelers, in a spacious yet private environment.

Hotels & Guesthouses: If holiday resorts are not your thing, how about visiting one of the hotels or guest houses that are situated on the local islands? There are multiple hotels in Male’ City and local islands, as well as countless guesthouses that offer a resort-style experience. If you are on a tight budget and would rather get the Maldives experience without emptying your pockets, visiting a guesthouse is a smart choice. Especially if you are a watersports and dive enthusiast.

Cruises & Yachts: Hotels and resorts are not the only way to spend a holiday in this Island Nation. There are various luxury cruises and private yachts that provides a unique experience of sailing through the Indian Ocean and discovering different corners of the Maldives. There are special cruises which can be chartered for diving or surfing adventures, whilst some offer just excursions or simply a floating resort experience with luxurious services & facilities.

No Alcohol Outside the Tourist Resorts: Due to Maldives being an Islamic Country, Alcohol is prohibited in all public spaces apart from the resorts, which are private and secluded. It is wise to leave behind any alcoholic products as it cannot be imported and will not be allowed to pass through Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. However, travelers can still get a selection of alcoholic beverages at island resorts, which cannot be taken or consumed elsewhere (outside of the resorts).

Marriage Ceremonies are not Legitimate: If you are planning to get married in Maldives then keep in mind that the weddings are only ceremonial and not legal. Although having your dream wedding ceremony or renew your vows at the resorts are possible, it is not legitimate in the Maldives or elsewhere in the world. As long as you do not mind the marriage ceremony having no legality, all the resorts offer various wedding packages and the chance to fulfill your wedding fantasies.

Remember to Dress Accordingly: All travelers are requested to wear decent clothing whilst visiting the local island of Maldives, and even in the tourist resorts. Whilst bathing suites are not allowed outside of the resorts, Nudity is strictly prohibited in all areas of this Island Nation.

Whether it is to explore the underwater world, relax on a pristine white beach shaded from the glorious sun by lofty palms, celebrate love through an intimate honeymoon, or create memories with your family, you can find your desired type of holiday in the Sunny Side of Life. Contact us at Travel Centre Maldives to make a booking at one of the excellent resorts in paradise on earth.


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