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Travel Hacks Maldives – It’s always great not to feel an outsider even when you are traveling. Here are some tips to do so and have a fascinating vacation here. First of all if you are planning to visit Maldives in a near future search Facebook and make a Maldivian friend. Joking .We are here to guide you and give every help you might need.

What You MUST have in your hand bag;
“Sunny side of life “ in fact is very sunny during the day. Temperature usually lies between 32 degrees to 35. Always wear a cap, hat or an Umbrella. Wear a sun glass and a comfortable summer dress. Have a sun cream to avoid sunburn. Always have a water bottle. Because the quest to explore Maldives and the sweats will make you quite thirsty over time.

How to save on food:
If you are a food lover and loves to experience new tastes, try local cafés and restaurants. The menus have familiar International names like Pasta, Pizza, and Sea Food rice. But trust me they don’t taste like anything you ever had tried out of Maldives. Every dish is modified and served with Maldivian spices. This way you can try some Maldivian foods and have a local food experience here.

Sounds cheesy right! But if you think the price is too high or they just increased the sale rate because you look like a foreigner with big bucks, don’t simply ACCEPT it! Especially at the local Souvenir and gift shop. Usually, you don’t have to bargain. Ask them nicely and they will. Maldivians are sweet hearts.

Travel between islands:
Get a little more exposure of Maldives other than Resorts and guest house. Get a genuine image. Travel between local islands and see how Exactly Maldives look like. The lifestyle of local Maldivians and Their way of making lives. I am sure you will be interested and fascinated. There is a local ferry in every atoll which travels across the atoll and will cost u a dollar or two. You could start the journey at Morning and by the evening you would have visited all most all islands within the atoll and before night you would be in your resort.


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