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Tourist resorts in Addu City

(Tourist resorts in Addu City) There are numerous luxury resorts which are scattered in different parts of the Maldives. As such, the southern resorts are indeed noteworthy to be included in the list of the resorts with the most wonderful amenities. The two most well known resorts in Addu City includes Shangri La and Herethere. (Tourist resorts in Addu City)

Shangri La

This is an exclusive five star luxury resort surrounded lavishly by the embodiment of an underwater kingdom. Moreover, the white pristine beaches and the oasis of natural colours and tunes of the calls of nature are indeed the rejuvenation to the soul and body. Shangri La can easily be reached by a plane and takes around an hour to reach. Rave reviews point to the conclusion that Shangri La is the best island resort in the southern side of Maldives. (Tourist resorts in Addu City)


(Tourist resorts in Addu City)If you are looking for a simple and yet elegant destination to spend a holiday in, then Herethere Island Resort is a choice you would not regret. Herethere has been included in the list of the most affordable island resorts in Maldives and it has gained immense popularity even within the locals. Book yourself an activity packed vacation with a few months kept ahead in advance. Contact www.travelcentremaldives.com for more information (Tourist resorts in Addu City)


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