Top Holiday Attractions in Maldives

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Top Holiday Attractions in Maldives
Top Holiday Attractions in Maldives
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Top Holiday Attractions in Maldives

The origin of the first settlers of the Maldives still remains a mystery and little is known before the conversion to Islam in 1153 as a result the pre-Muslim period is full of heroic myths and folk tales. No archaeological remains of these early Maldivians were ever found. Their buildings were probably built of wood, palm fronds and other perishable materials, which would have quickly decayed in the salt and wind of the tropical climate. Moreover, chiefs or headmen didn’t reside in elaborate stone palaces, nor did their religion require the construction of large temples or compounds.

Since very ancient times, the Maldives were ruled by kings (Radun) sultans and occasionally queens (Ranin) sultanas. Historically Maldives has had a strategic importance because of its location on the major marine routes of the Indian Ocean. Maldives’ nearest neighbor is Sri Lanka followed by India, both countries have had cultural and economic ties with Maldives for over centuries. During these early times the Maldives had an important role by providing cowrie shells, then used as a currency throughout most parts of Asia and parts of the East African coast.

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