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Theemuge, the icon of pride of Maldivians

Today. Male’ City may just seem to be a hustling and bustling city in which you hear the traffic jams and the vehicles occupying the streets completely! Although this is so, there is way more beauty in Male’ City than you can literally comprehend! Theemuge, may not strike your ears all of a sudden but wait till you see the inexplicable wonder that shall enthrall your heart at first sight! (Theemuge, the icon of pride of Maldivians)

Theemuge has been taken to be the presidential home just until the year 2008, when the Former Presidency of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was over-thrown by the Former President Mohamad Nasheed. Now, Theemuge is said to be housing the Supreme Court of Maldives! It is worth mentioning that Theemuge is one of the most astounding figure even when compared with other mansions in the whole of South East Asia! The pristine beauty of Theemuge awaits to be savoured by your eyes! It remains to be the icon of pride for each and every Maldivian! (Theemuge, the icon of pride of Maldivians)

Theemuge holds a very high profile in Maldives! Just after the 2nd Maldivian president, Ibrahim Nasir passed away in the month of November in 2008, he was laid here in Theemuge for the public funeral for the citizens to visit and deliver their hearty prays and respect. Ever since the presidential suite was transferred to Muleeage, another wonderful building brimming with elegance, the gates of Theemuge opened, for those yearning to explore its utmost beauty! (Theemuge, the icon of pride of Maldivians)

Theemuge always remained to be, still remains and always be the pride of Maldives! Since this fact is rather evident, your vacation will only be complete with a visit to this exquisite palace of integrity! (Theemuge, the icon of pride of Maldivians)

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