“The Residence Maldives Honeymoon 2015”

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Maldives Honeymoon 2015
Maldives Honeymoon 2015
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The Residence Maldives Honeymoon 2015

Where to start? This review gives the whole trip experience and thoughts but the rating is solely on the resort we stayed at, The Residence Maldives Honeymoon 2015.


We booked our Honeymoon (well me as my wife had no idea where we were going) through a company called Turquoise holidays, with an awesome rep called Yasmin. Went through all the potential resorts in the Maldives and I focused in on The Residence. Through discussions with Yasmin and looking up pricing etc my mind was set.

We went for the Deluxe Water Villa, All inclusive package for 10 days. Due to it being our Honeymoon we got a few extras thrown in.

— Flights out —

We got a direct flight with BA to Male from Gatwick. Delayed by 4 hours, with a measly £5 voucher to spend was not a good start. Nor the flight experience, generally uncomfortable and staff did not do a round trip before we landed with tea and coffee; even though they came round with cups etc. DO NOT FLIGHT WITH BA they are leagues behind everyone else in the region, go with Emirates or equivalent.

–Landing in the Maldives–

We were greeted by a representative from the Residence who was so polite and took our luggage away for us and escorted us to the air conditioned (thank god) lounge. Sadly he had to break the news that we had missed our connecting flight by 15 minutes (thanks BA!!!) and would have to wait another 3 hours.

We left, finally, on a Maldives air plane and the experience was awesome as we watched the sunset while in the sky. We landed at Koodoo airstrip and were briskly transported by speed boat to the Residence.

–The Villa–

It was night time when we arrived but what a sight. Candles and lights in the middle of dark sea we knew straight away we had arrived at the right place.

We we greeted with refreshments on arrival, check in was very quick and we were driven to our room via a golf buggy type vehicle. We did not have to worry about our luggage at any stage and it was waiting for us in our room.

The room was perfect, as the pictures show, spacious and everything we needed was their, we didn’t even need to take towels etc.

We woke up and the view took our breathes away. We stayed in villa 300, i specifically wanted that one for the sunset, coral and quieter sea line. We woke up to Dolphins swimming and messing around and a platter of exotic fruits and campaign (we had them waiting for us the night before).

 The views were simply stunning, i will let the pictures speak for themselves.

We were given bikes to get around although it only takes 10 mins to walk to the main area.

The staff were perfect, always saying hello and acknowledging you. The gardeners were working around the clock keeping the grounds looking fantastic.

–The food–

Wow. The food was exceptionally and if there was nothing to your taste, the chefs were more than happy to have something cooked up for you. The steaks, lobster and seafood were exquisite!!!

My wife had taken a fancy to a fruit called a Litchi. They had ran out when we asked if we could have more. Expecting it to be just one of those things, the head chef talked to us to instruct us that they were going to get some more from Male. Later in the day he saw us and told us they were out of stock in the local market, but he was getting them flown in from Dubai. Wow, for the rest of the stay we had Litchi everyday waiting for us, talk about going the extra mile.

We ate at the famous Falhumaa, food was just well, took our minds away. My wife had the seafood platter and i had tuna steaks. Enough said.

The dining room did buffet style nights and the food was and choice was insane. Enough said.

The beach bar you could order from the menu and eat with a sunset or have lunch by the pool. We ate twice at the flaming BBQ night and even though it required additional supplement charges, well worth it.

For all three, if there were nothing to your fancy, they would and did make anything we fancied at the time. The chocolate brownies with ice cream are to die for.

–The pool and beach–

The pool was fantastic, nice and warm all the time it was a nice cool down from the hot sun. Plenty of beds and lounges around. See pictures. The bar staff were more than happy to keep you fuelled up with beverages throughout the day. The beaches were perfect white and the sea was so clear to swim in we were always seeing fish.

We went kayaching one day to a small local island, one ironically we had a picnic on later on in our stay (one of the honeymoon extras) and we given snorkelling equipment. All of which are complementary to the island.

The corals were perfect, we saw such a variety of fish, turtles and sharks!!! Take a good camera, we took our pictures with the FIJI XP70.

The pool in our villa was perfect for cooling down and washing off the sea water after a snorkelling season.

–The weather–

Although weather is hit and miss depending on when you go, we went mid January to the end of January. It rained once for 2 minutes at night and was sunny/cloudy the rest of the stay. Perfect.

 –Honeymoon experience–

We were able to completely relax and had the following extras as part of our package:

– In villa bath and champagne;

– In villa breakfast;

– Sunset cocktails and escapees (included a professional picture in a frame);

– Picnic on the private island.

We both had treatments done at the Clarins Spa. Every single though about the UK and home had disappeared at the point.

–The Staff–

The best till last. All the staff were 100% professional, polite and friendly. I cannot literally think of the words as they were always wanting to help but never intrusive. The beach bar staff, especially Miracle, were always happy to help and assist and even engage in conversation.

Our room was made twice a day (didnt know there was such a thing) and it was perfect every time.

Management were on site and always happy to hear of any problems.

We had only one where they were exceptionally busy and we were waiting around 15 minutes for our food (In the UK we typically wait much longer) before just calling it a night and instructed the staff we were no longer hungry (we were shattered after so much swimming) and wanted to go back to our room, thought nothing else of it and walked back to the room.

We got to our room with the food waiting for us, a platter of delicatessen, deserts and drinks with apologies from the staff and management. To us over a little thing but yet again, going the extra mile. The lamp chops are to die for by the way!

When we left there were even staff there to see us off and wave goodbye.


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