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The Maldives are calling me – destination relaxation

I think it’s fair to say we are in a while of a quandry when it comes to our honeymoon, honestly we’re stuck for choice – yes I know, such a first world problem! But totally, as soon as you allusion your honeymoon everyone wants to help with tales of their favorite destination. Which is both wonderful and awful at the same time. How could we maybe pick one when they all sound so amazing!?

It’s time to get planned, with less than six months to go until we get close we’re getting to the stage that we haven’t got quite as much ticked off the to-do list as we’d estimated, so things are getting serious!

We’ve started with a wish list of all the things we want from our trip…. and yeah, predictably there’s a Pinterest board as well!

  • Short travel time – we’re only scheduling on one week away from her so our honeymoon destination needs to be close enough for a 7 night adventure – so it’s fair to say Australia is a no-go!
  • No busy cities – we both work really hard while we’re at home, a busy city with lots of traffic and a fast pace is pretty much our idea of honymoon hell, we’re looking to sorrow, not restress :)
  • A good mixture of relaxation and exploration – while I love chilling on the beach, I know I’ll get stir senseless after a couple of days, so we’re really looking for sunrise walks or a trip to a nature reserve to show us the real sights, sounds and smells of our dream destination
  • A gorgeous hotel – while we’re not looking to break the bank, we’d rather go to a really nice hotel for a week than a hostel for a month, this isn’t the time for backpacking
  • Legitimacy, while a gorgeous hotel would be amazing we’re not trying to visit hotels alone, we want to make sure we enjoy the real local experience too. So destinations that aren’t safe outside of the hotel complex are out.

Something which I really can’t get away from is the dream of somewhere unbelievable, like the Maldives. It just feels like the perfect honeymoon destination, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure where time would stop, my mind and body would relax and dreams would come true.

We’ve looked at a few sites for potential honeymoon packages, Travel Centre Maldives were recommended recently by some of our closest friends and I love that they have budget honeymoon options with Easy Jet flights, that felt really accessible for people trying to work to a tight budget.

A luck would have it, Travel Centre Maldives have an amazing one week holiday to the Maldives up for grabs and to enter all you have to do is describe a signature scent associated with all things Maldives. Travel Centre Maldives, you had me at hello (or was it free honeymoon!).

Being a huge fragrance fan I’m all over this, while I used to favour the sickly sweet rose petal and slightly jammy turkish delight fragrances, in later years my tastes have changed and recently both my favourite scents and tastes are far more savoury than they are sweet.

Summer weather makes me far more attracted to lighter scents rather than the stronger more classic scents. Top notes of sweet native sugar apples and sharp citrus are essential to cut through the lighter white florals, which have to be frangipani of course – there isn’t a flower more reminiscent of tropical climates. The Maldives, and in particular the gorgeous Maafushivaru island resort, exudes all that and more for me, it’s everything from the rough cotton hammock, air dried sea salt on my skin mixed with suntan lotion, green coconut palms, passionfruit and watermelon eaten right there on the beach. All gently supported by sun-warmed woods for the base and sharpened with a hint of chilli pepper, not too much, just enough to make it interesting, to provide a little heat, a litte fire – and what honeymoon would be complete without a little heat.
Are you dreaming of a week away on a luxurious island retreat? I sure am!


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