Snorkeling tips for beginners

Snorkeling tips for beginners
Snorkeling tips for beginners
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Snorkeling tips for beginners

Maldives is an island nation of pristine white beaches and rich vegetation. Blessed with an ocean that is crystal clear and full of marine life and vibrant coral reefs, this archipelago is surrounded by natural beauty all around. Known to be one of the best holiday destination and a famous honeymoon spot, Maldives is also renowned for the underwater beauty that lies beneath the surface. The Sunny Side of Life has some of the finest dive sites in the world and is one of the best snorkeling destinations as well.

If you are vacationing in Maldives then exploring the water will be a great experience for you. Whether its water sports, swimming, diving, surfing or even snorkeling. There are plenty of things to do in the water. If you have never put on a fin and mask to discover what is hiding beneath the surface of the ocean, then here are some Snorkeling tips for beginners in Maldives.

Get a mask that fits – whether you are renting or buying a mask, make sure it fits you perfectly before you get it or go to the water. If the mask fits your face and stays on without the strap it is the ideal one for you. If it is loose, once you start snorkeling water will seeping in. But do remember that the strap should not be too tight, it should be adjusted to stay comfortable enough to fit your face.

Make sure you fins fit – just like your mask, the way your fin fits your feet is pretty important too. Your fin must fit comfortably and should not be too tight or too loose. If you prefer to snorkel without fins then remember fins are essential for your safety and for the ease of swimming.

Practice first – do jump ahead to snorkeling the moment you get the suitable equipment. If you are a first timer then it is important to do a little practicing first. First learn to be comfortable with your mask. Is it on properly? Does the snorkel feel weird in your mouth? Remember you can adjust the position it is in on the strap. First breathe on the surface through the snorkel, then practice breathing in a pool or the shallow surface of the sea and swim around by kicking to feel more familiar with the fin.

Don’t snorkel alone – always make sure that you are not snorkeling alone if you are a beginner. Have someone who has experience by your side or a fully trained instructor. Almost all resorts in Maldives will have instructors to teach you how to snorkel and to ensure safety.

Start from the shore – For first timers, going to deep waters and jumping from boats is not recommended as it might be too intimidating and uneasiness of breathing may occur. So start from a shallower surface where you feel safer and in control.

Be calm and relaxed – it is important to be stay calm and relaxed while snorkeling. Do not swim too fast, go at your own place slowly and make sure you are comfortable otherwise it will cause you to breathe heavily which will be difficult.

Know about the current – the current of the ocean can be unpredictable especially if you have never snorkeled before, you will not be familiar with it. Know how the ocean moves and flows, and how to move during these situations. Go when the water is calm. Talk to the professional located at the resort you are holidaying in to know more information.

Choose a good spot – your first time snorkeling should be an experience you never forget. So learn about the best snorkeling spots in the Sunny Side of Life or choose a resort that has the most popular snorkeling spots nearby.

Be careful and do not harm the ocean – be careful about the area you are snorkeling around. Do not stop on corals, touch, and break or even take them as it is prohibited. Do not wear sunscreen that maybe harmful to the ocean and cause reef damage, instead use biodegradable sun screen.

Bring your own equipment – purchasing or even renting snorkeling equipment at the resorts in Maldives may be a bit costly so bring your own equipment to save extra costs while on your holiday,

It is essential to keep the above mentioned snorkeling tips for beginners in Maldives in order to have a safe experience. Some resorts in Maldives has special offers, all-inclusive travel packages and holiday deals that includes snorkeling lessons and trips for their guests. Almost all resorts in Maldives has dive experts that will instruct you if you need it and or conduct programs as well. Whether you choose a luxury resort or a budget resort, you can enjoy snorkeling in Maldives regardless of where you go.

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