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Seasons to visit Maldives

(Seasons to visit Maldives) You might find it imperative to understand the fact that Maldives is a country which has several festivities all year round and visiting it within one of these is an ultimate way to boast your enjoyment. (Seasons to visit Maldives)

(Seasons to visit Maldives) If you are not planning to opt for a resort then maybe it is not the best idea to visit during Ramazan. This month is when you really won’t get any food during the day. However the resorts would have their policies. Even if this is true, you could take a little compromise and arrive during the last few days of Ramazan as you shall experience the festivities of a lifetime after the last day of Ramazan colloquially known as ‘Fithuru Eid’ (Seasons to visit Maldives)

(Seasons to visit Maldives) You might be lucky not to get drenched in food colour but then this is the only time of the year when the people of all kinds and ages get together and celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid. You would get to see several shows organized by the schools which includes parades and concerts and even tournaments everywhere across the Maldives. (Seasons to visit Maldives)

(Seasons to visit Maldives)  Football, being the national sport is played in every Eid giving the chance to the youngsters to love the sport and to build up a bond between them. Surely an evening of Eid would have so many different activities packed into it (Seasons to visit Maldives)

(Seasons to visit Maldives) Some might find it convenient to travel to Maldives during December because of the snow. Probably if you want to spent a warm sunny sort of Christmas with your family. For such reasons, some of the resorts do have all-inclusive vacation packages which can further be booked at www.travelcentremaldives.com (Seasons to visit Maldives)


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