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(ROMANTIC SIDE SHOWCASED BY MALDIVES)Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporations, more commonly known as MMPRC represented the “Romantic Side” of Maldives at AAP or Armour Asia Pacific. (ROMANTIC SIDE SHOWCASED BY MALDIVES)

The forum was held at Marriot Marquis Queen’s Park, Thailand, Bangkok. It went on from Wednesday to Thursday. It is also quite pleasing to know that Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporations got directly invited to the forum by Big Worldwide Unlimited. They play a huge role in organizing Armour Asia Pacific 2018. Moreover, they are a major promoter of tourism. (ROMANTIC SIDE SHOWCASED BY MALDIVES)

AAP is a travel trade event which is particularly designed to cater for the elite romance travel market. These would include honeymoon curators, romance traveling planners and wedding planners as well. (ROMANTIC SIDE SHOWCASED BY MALDIVES)

(ROMANTIC SIDE SHOWCASED BY MALDIVES) More than 1.39 million tourists have been recorded to travel to Maldives by the end of the year 2017. Consequently, this is a substantial growth of around 8%. It was stated that this event would promote the growth of the romance travel market in leaps and bounds. (ROMANTIC SIDE SHOWCASED BY MALDIVES)

Needless to say, Maldives has won several global awards and recognitions for being one of the most romantic locations in the entire world. (ROMANTIC SIDE SHOWCASED BY MALDIVES)


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