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Rediscover life’s beauty at Coco Bodu Hithi

Relax and Rediscover life’s beauty at Coco Bodu Hithi. Experience the Sunny Side of Life on a secluded island with an extraordinary natural environment and first-class elegance, combined with genuine hospitality which creates a blissful holiday in the Indian Ocean.

On a pristine island in North Male’ Atoll, lies the intimate haven known as Coco Bodu Hithi Resort. A 40-minute speedboat ride away from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport; this five-star resort is an ultimate tropical hideaway to luxuriate in magnificence of this Island Nation. Receive endless pampering in a contemporary surrounding that brings out the essence of Maldives for a unique holiday experience in paradise on earth.

Slumber in stylishly designed luxury villas that have been carefully set upon the beautiful shore cocooned by a tropical garden, and over the turquoise lagoon with a striking view of the boundless horizons and direct access to the water. Discover flavours from around the globe as you have a gastronomical adventure in scenic settings, paired with an exotic glass of wine. Let this luxurious resort help you rejuvenate yourself in their Coco Spa, where tailored treatment sessions will revivify your entire body and leave you feeling relaxed and in peace.

Coco Bodu Hithi is a tranquil resort of wonders. Get a bit adventurous by exploring the remarkable coral reef garden and several dive sites to witness the breathtaking underwater world of Maldives, visit the Capital City or a local island and find out how Maldivians go about their day to day activates, hop on a cruise to view the glorious sun going down whilst changing the hues of the sky. Regardless of how you wish to spend your tropical holiday in Maldives, Bodu Hithi is awaiting to fulfill your holiday desires and create an unforgettable journey worth coming back for!

Make your way to the world’s best tropical destination renowned for being a paradise on earth. Rediscover life’s beauty at Coco Bodu Hithi and let this island resort provide countless memories to take back home. From ultimate relaxation in absoulate privacy, Bodu Hithi is certainly and idyllic haven for a luxurious Maldivs holiday.

Do contact us at Travel Centre Maldives if you are planning on visiting Maldives and we will help you make a booking!

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