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Reasons to visit Lux* Maldives

For a valid question, have you ever asked yourself why you want a holiday? As obvious as it seems, it is simply because you want a break from your everyday life and escape into a hideaway where your existence is well-appreciated and you are not given a modicum to complain about. Lux* Maldives is one of the resorts in the sunny side of life welcoming guests from all over the world into the piece of heavenly tropical indulgence! Lux* Maldives is a comparatively preferred resort in terms of the immaculacy of the available services and the affordability of gaining them! (Reasons to visit Lux* Maldives)


A holiday, particularly one just under the sun is just incomplete without ice cream. The delight of our hearts! To let the guest experience the best, Lux* Maldives made its very own brand featuring tropical  flavours for utmost content! Isn’t this worth trying?(Reasons to visit Lux* Maldives)

Café’ Lux*

A wonderful cup of coffee is the beacon of every heart. With this fact sunk in mind, Lux* Maldives offers Café Lux where the coffee is a remedy to mind and body while the other fresh drinks are of excellent taste and wonder! (Reasons to visit Lux* Maldives)

Home of phones

If it is a holiday you are talking about, then being stress free is a vital essence! Nevertheless, keeping in touch with your loved ones is necessary! To alleviate your mind from this stress, we have established, phone homes where international and national calls can be done, all free of charge! (Reasons to visit Lux* Maldives)

Lux* Me

Invigorating is one of the priorities that Lux* Maldives is highly focused on! Here is Lux*me concept, you have the chance to relax and unwind while meditating your wonderful memoirs or performing the strong stances of Yoga! (Reasons to visit Lux* Maldives)


The exciting flavours of wine, awaits to tickle your taste buds! We have got the finest menus of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks ready to leave your expectations out-done! (Reasons to visit Lux* Maldives)

Screen on the beach?

Are you really in need of an exquisite luxury vacation? Then of course, Lux* Maldives is the best place to quench that desire. Lux* Maldives offers you a chance to go to a beach cinema! This is where a large screen showing family classics or movies entertain you to the fullest! Nibbles? Ici ice cream is on the way!

Lux* Maldives is truly magnificent and remarkable in various ways! If you want to have a truly unique and majestic holiday vacation to Maldives, then contact Travel Centre Maldives for your booking to Lux* Maldives! (Reasons to visit Lux* Maldives)

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