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Places to see in Maldives

In a point of fact, Maldives is an outstanding destination for tourists who want to revitalize and allow all the anxieties to exude. Nevertheless, it is also the perfect place for those who would want to have some adventure in their awe-inspiring vacation. Although Maldives is in the list of the smallest tourist countries which looks like uniquely sprinkled pearls on the massive Indian Ocean, it has a long history which has made its way up to the present in the form of ancient places and monuments. It is tangible that the tourists are solely stunned by these places and their history. There are places to see in Maldives which would collectively be an asset for our future generation.

Hukuru Miskiyy

One of the most ancient places to see in Maldives shall surely be , ‘The Old Friday Mosque’ which is colloquially known as ‘Hukuru Miskiyy’. It has seized the honour of being the eldest mosque in the history of Maldives. In addition, it is pain-stakingly carved with scripts of Quran. An alternative point to be noted is that the protective crenelated sheets of iron that shield the roofs and walls does bruise the physical beauty but it also designates that it dates back to the primeval period, which is also considered to be the trump card of the Maldivian History. Thus, it can be well thought-out to be one of the places in Maldives which can leave us spellbound!


Muleeage is surely one of the most artistic places to see in Maldives. In fact, tourists believe that the foremost trip they are concerned after reaching Male’ is having a trip to the lavish building of Muleeage which is a truly astonishing work of construction which amazes us. It had been built by the 20th century and was used as administrative agencies for around 40 years’ time. What is more appealing is that the tomb of the Yoosuf Al Barbary who is known as the first person who brought Islaam to our country is located just behind the gatehouse of this building. Surely, the incredible sight does signify the ingenuity of our ancestors and leaves us thunderstruck. Even the shrine of Yoosulf Al Barbary is one of the excellent places to see in Maldives.

Islaamic Centre

The Grand Friday Mosque is one of the most regal places to see in Maldives, which can be seen if you take a boat ride to our capital city is surely a flawless building. The commendable lacquer work of extreme creativity and commitment shall make you adore them instantly. The most superb feature about this is inevitably the golden dome which is unbelievably unique and impressive. Although pure gold is not used, the physical image is not substandard. Moreover, a tall building called ‘Munnaaru’ and its distinctive shape has the unique patterns in it is definitely awe-inspiring and the tourists venerate its beauty. The Grand Mosque is a place that permits about 5000 people to worship simultaneously. The ingenious carvings on the doors and ceilings are undeniably magnificent. The impressive chandeliers and the carpets are simply fascinating. Apart from that, the Islamic center includes a large public library and a seminar hall as well. The single sight of this building would thrill the viewers and yearn to store the wonderful memories in the form of photographs. Surely, this is one of the most imperial places to see in Maldives.


All the mentioned venues are great. All the places to see in Maldives are wonderful and you shall never regret a visit to them. You would want to rewind every second and apprize them all the time. The able minds of this miniscule country shall astonish you and the desire to visit always enthuse you. Thus, at any time when anyone asks you where you would visit for holiday then Maldives shall be the first word you could utter.


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