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Mother tongue of Maldives DHIVEHI

(Mother tongue of Maldives DHIVEHI) Maldives is a country which has a lot of things unique to itself. One of it would be that it has its very own language which is not spoken anywhere else as a national language. ‘Dhivehi’ formerly known as ‘Dhives’ is the mother tongue as well as the pride of Maldives. (Mother tongue of Maldives DHIVEHI)

(Mother tongue of Maldives DHIVEHI)  As we all might have known, there are significant similarities between Dhivehi and some other languages. Dhivehi borrowed some of the vocabulary from Sinhalese which is the national Sri Lankan language. Hindhi language also contributed a lot to Dhivehi. But then, there are some visible picking up from Arabic as well. (Mother tongue of Maldives DHIVEHI)

(Mother tongue of Maldives DHIVEHI)  Dhivehi language has a long history and it kept developing in several stages until it reached the altitude it reached today. There are several traditional songs known as ‘Raivaru’  and ‘lhen’ which traveled to this point from centuries ago. There are several more forklore poems as well.

Well if you are planning to pay a visit to the local side of Maldives, then it is worthwhile to practice a bit Dhivehi if you would like to get along better with the locals as it would surely be of some help. (Mother tongue of Maldives DHIVEHI)


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