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Maldives Map

Maldives Map
Maldives Map

The Maldives has been said to be very treacherous in the early days, purely due to the complexity of the formation of the islands and them being hard to navigate around safely. This was until 1834-1836 when the British Admiralty Charts began and finished the very first accurate maritime map of the Maldives. (Map of Maldives)

This then helped navigators travel in and around the Maldives much easier and as technology improved, newer more accurate charts were developed using satellite imagery which provided constant up to date charts of the Maldives. This being said many people said that the newer maps lacked in areas compared to the first chart created by Robert Moresby and his crew.(Map of Maldives)

As time progresses the Maldives may be under threat by the rise in sea levels, statistics have proven that over the last century sea levels have rose by around 8 inches, if this rate was to continue you can expect other areas of the Maldives to be submerged in water – forcing cartographers to edit their existing maps so that they are accurate.(Map of Maldives)

Believe it or not behind the idyllic setting of the resort islands things will modification quite quick. Resorts will be re-named or return underneath new management within the blink of an eye fixed, new resorts area unit being made in conjunction with a brand new flight strip up within thenorthern atolls. At the time of putting this on ink I still have around another 150+ pages to publish to the present website at identical time as maintaining to this point with any major changes, thusplease wait whereas I endeavor to stay you denote.



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