Maldivian music and dances

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Maldivian music and dances
Maldivian music and dances
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Maldivian music and dances

Maldives has an exquisite tradition. It has its very own cultural music and dances. In fact, it is noticeable evidence that Maldives is a country of unity and magnanimity. Visit Maldives during the commonly-celebrated festivals you would be astound the creative Maldivian music and dances that excel our limit of uniqueness!! If you are ready to take a quick glance at the most prestigious Maldivian music and dances, then prepare to let your volcano of exhilaration explode!!


Family Resorts

Family Resorts

Let your heart thump with the enthusiastic beat of the Boduberu music. This is a tribal dance in which one person with a booming voice sings in the lead and another group of men sing as a chorus. The excitement increases with time and eventually, the chorus singers begin to dance vivaciously. The audience get louder with applause and jocular yelling for support. If you watch a Boduberu event, that you cannot control yourself from clapping and dancing to the stimulating beats!! It is one of the most stimulating piece from the Maldivian music and dances.

Bandiyaa Jehun Dance,

One of the most popular item of the Maldivian music and dances is inevitably the tantalizing Bandiyaa Jehun Dance which is a wondrous event in which women dressed in similar costumes called, “Dhigu Hedhun” dance to the tunes with a metal pot colloquially known as Bandiyaa. Their delicate movements signify the ancient Maldivian lifestyle!! Fill your heart with never-ending joy as this dance is said to astound you!!

Bolimalaafath Neshun Folk Dance,

This is a token which represents an old tradition in which women present the Sultan (kings) with gifts during auspicious occasions such as Eid. Although, the current era does not have a sultan, the remarkable folk dance is a token of the tradition and we cherish it! It is surely one of the most amazing Maldivian music and dances. It is a simple dance in which the women perform in groups as their ancestors did when they offered presents to their Sultan. Take a dive into the excellent history of Maldives simply by watching this impeccable dance. This dance has even been considered as one of the most impressive from the Maldivian music and dances.

Dhandi jehun Folk dance,

Dhandi jehun folk dance is an art that Maldives had borrowed from its neighbour, Malik. This is an event for men in which they are commonly dressed in a cloth called, “Mun’du” and a shirt. They carry sticks called Dhandi. In this dance, the men shall dance with the beat and hits their dhandi to create a sound that creates the optimism in the air. Watch this dance and you would whole-heartedly praise Dhandi jehun Folk dance as one of the best Maldivian music and dances.

Fathigandu Jehun music dance,

This is yet, another event in Maldives which is quite similar to Dhandi jehun folk dance. Nonetheless, Fathigandu Jehun music dance is one of the most remarkable events in the history of Maldives. As before, only men take part in it. They have two bamboo sticks and they are made to collide with the other dancer’s sticks to create a harmonious tune. The men dance with the rhythm of the music and create an inexplicably enthusiastic aura in the atmosphere. In fact, the songs for this event are extremely eloquent. Each song is a story to uncover a mystery of the past!!

Gaa Odi Lava Folk Music

If you happen to come across this event, you shall never let that memory segregate from your heart. Gaa Odi Lava Folk Music is actually done by the people after completing some vigorous work. This event is even considered as means of celebration after the achievement. Surely, the music of this event shall take away your breath!! Hence, it is one of the most appealing Maldivian music and dances!!

Kadhaa Maali Folk Dance.

This is one of the very special event from the best Maldivian music and dances. It is said to be seen in no other island than in Kulhudhuffushi. This event is surely one of the most entertaining events in Maldives. Take along a camera and indulge yourself in taking snapshots of this prestigious dance. In this dance, about 30 men dress in spooky spirits and ghostly attire and walk along the streets. Such evil spirits are known as Maali and the special instrument used in creating the tune is called Kadhaa.

Langiri Folk Music

This is actually a modified version of Thaara which is commonly performed on stages to entertain the people. This stupendous event is specialized for men in which they hold 2 creatively designed sticks. In fact, the men are seated in two lines which are parallel. And they lift up their waist in order to hit their sticks with that of their neighbours. It shall be tantalizing. And the way that their movements go in complete synchronization with the music is simply amazing!!


The exotic Maldivian music and dances await to astonish you. In fact, Maldives is ready to give you an unforgettable experience that would surely last a lifetime!!


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