Maldivian Manta rays project

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maldives manta rays
maldives manta rays
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Maldivian Manta rays project

It is surely an exhilarating fact that Maldives is an aquatic paradise even for species like manta rays. They are often said to migrate in thousands to this exotic archipelago. The waters rich in nutrients create a splendid atmosphere to these exquisite creatures. They are said to site up in specific regions during their migration and this phenomenon is frequently seen in the Maldivian islands. A vast majority of tourists who come to Maldives are attracted by the news of these awe-inspiring creatures!! Due to this fact, it was decided that a Maldivian manta rays project was absolutely crucial!!!

This task is to be fulfilled by an organization that goes by the name Maldivian Manta Ray Project (MMRP). The main focus of this project is to learn about the natural habitats and the life cycles of these exotic creatures and study about the population statistics. Consequently, the Maldivian Manta rays project is completely dedicated to work together with the locals and the government along with the tourists to create the most favorable atmosphere for the manta rays to nurture. Since there are hundreds of different types of manta rays in Maldives as of now, it has been decided that Maldives is the ideal location for this research to be done on.

Maldivian Manta rays project is focusing on Manta rays as it is an obvious fact that Maldives is one of the best diving spots in Maldives and most tourists yearn to see these graceful creatures and interact with them. These wonderful creatures are the main reason behind the large boast in the tourist population in Maldives. Since this is so, it is vital to give them the protection they deserve as the undesirable results of tourism is being visible on their habitats. Maldives Manta rays project tries to eradicate this issue and provide the manta rays with utmost care and protection while their lifestyle simultaneously amaze millions of tourists!!

Maldivian Manta rays project officials predict that Maldives has a vast population of 5000 reef manta rays. In fact, they often travel to and from the 26 atolls during the variations in monsoon. The Maldivian Manta rays project specialists conclude on the basis of 7 years of research that the behavior of manta rays in the Maldivian waters is unique to us and it is our responsibility to conserve it.

Now, Maldivian Manta rays project officials tell us that we locals, we should contribute to this organization along with the government!


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