Maafushivaru- the finest luxury experience in Maldives

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Maafushivaru- the finest luxury experience in Maldives

Here are some basic facts about this wonderful luxury resort which ultimately made its visitors fall for its natural splendor and beauty:

1.) Since Maafushivaru is Located in Ari Atoll, it is one of the best places to swim with whale sharks. Ari atoll waters surely the most prestigious in terms of high shark and whale population! (Maafushivaru- the finest luxury experience in Maldives)

2.)  Management team (husband and wife team Ronald Schweighardt and Marie Dooley).deserve a hat off!  Afterall, they have been continuously running this resort for about 6 months (as of March 2014) and yet, they have kept the resort in excellent condition. They are often seen throughout the resort liaising with the guests! Surely, they play a huge in role as this resort gained the common title of, ‘:Maafushivaru- the finest luxury experience in Maldives’.

3.) The easygoing and laid back atmosphere. Unlike larger resort hotels, they do not have an inflexible must-do schedule or any kind of roster that suggests activities such as “11:00: kids class” etc.

4.) The water villas..  The L-shaped window panel allows you to have a view of the water anywhere you are in the room. This distinctive villa also has some credit of titling, “Maafushivaru- the finest luxury experience in Maldives”

5.) The chirpy staff offered an overwhelming and genuine service. Beginning from pre-arrival emails, up until taken to a seaplane on departure, the authenticity of the staff can be felt deep in your hearts!

A person who spends their holiday in Maafushivaru- the finest luxury experience in Maldives, shall surely return to Maafushivaru and recommend it to: couples, honeymooners, families with grown children.

People often say that first love never dies, Maafushivaru… in the same manner has a soft spot in our warm and sunshine-y memories. Just book a holiday to Maafushivaru- the finest luxury experience in Maldives and take home gracious memoirs!!

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