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Low season is the time to visit

Maldives, is a place of beauty with isles of pristine alluring nature scattered across the Indian Ocean. Maldives has been attracting tourists for years and has become one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Everyone loves a vacation in the Sunny Side of Life whether they are honeymooners or families. When it comes to a holiday in Maldives, there is never really a wrong time. However, if you are a budget traveler then low season is the time to visit.

December to April is the High season in the resorts of Maldives. During this time the best hotels are harder to book, prices go up, and the finest rooms are unavailable unless you book early on. In this case, low season is the time to visit which lasts from May till November. However, the weather is a bit unstable during this period. You will experience occasional rain showers and strong wind as it is the Southwest Monsoon in Maldives. Nevertheless, Maldives is a tropical paradise and mostly the golden sun will be shining which will give you enough time to sunbathe, catch the best waves and see the best dive sites.

Visiting any beautiful holiday island in Maldives, whether it is a budget resort or a five star resort will provide you with cheaper and more affordable prices during the low season. The best resorts in Maldives will have fewer people, the restaurants and beaches will be less crowded. Plenty of resorts will offer special deals during the low season as well such as; seasonal offers, festive deals, holiday packages, all-inclusive packages, etc.

Holidaying in Maldives during this season is not just for budget travelers. If you are looking to have an affordable holiday in one of the top luxury resorts without too much hassle and get great accommodation at one of the best five star hotels in Maldives by booking only a few days before you arrive then low season is the time to visit. 

If you are looking to come to paradise on earth but want more affordable prices and do not mind some light rain fall every other day then contact Travel Centre Maldives for a hassle free booking during the low season.

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