Kurumba Maldives – world’s best all-inclusive resort

Kurumba Maldives – world’s best all-inclusive resort
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Kurumba Maldives – world’s best all-inclusive resort

The first private resort to open their doors for tourists to visit the Sunny Side of Life, Kurumba Maldives has been named the world’s best all-inclusive resort of 2015. The title was given by the largest Travel Website; TripAdvisor, through their Traveler’s Choice Awards. Out of 25 excellent all-inclusive hotels & resorts, Kurumba received the 1st place for the world as well as the Asian Region category. Kurumba Maldives – world’s best all-inclusive resort is a must visit, award-winning holiday island in paradise on earth.

Providing tropical holidays for tourists since 1972, Kurumba is where the Tourism of Maldives began. Located just 10 minutes away from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, the five star resort is known for providing affordable vacations that are luxurious and authentic by drawing in elements from the rich history of this island nation. Kurumba is keen on delivering a Maldivian holiday experience for guests yearning to discover the Sunny Side of Life and all it has to offer.

Kurumba Maldives – world’s best all-inclusive resort features different categories of accommodations options that have elegant interiors and comfortable furnishing for a relaxing slumber. The luxury resort also offers a variety of scenic locations to indulge in delicious cuisines, a wellness spa for healing journey, and a multitude of recreational activities to add a dash of fun. Moreover, in order to ensure that each guest spends a luxury holiday according to their budget, Kurumba provides a number of all-inclusive packages, and special offers as well. Whether tourists are searching for the best Maldives resort to spend an intimate honeymoon, a family getaway, a friendly vacation or simply relax in the natural environment of the beautiful island, Kurumba is awaiting to provide it for them.

Although Kurumba is the only resort of Maldives that made it into the Top 25 All-Inclusive Resorts category and won first place, few resorts of the Sunny Side of Life made it into the category of Asia’s Top 10 All-Inclusive Resorts. With the first place going to Kurumba Maldives, Lily Beach Resort & Spa was awarded the Second Place, Club Med Kani made into the Third Place, and Maafushivaru Maldives got Ninth Place in the Asian Region Category.

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