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Island Home Welcomes You

(Island Home Welcomes You) How luxury appeal people may be a varying factor. Although so, here in Amilla Fushi Resort in Maldives, you get to pick the flavor to savor. Nestled amid the vast picturesque Ocean on Baa Atoll, this is an island resort which offers modern facilities with a classic touch. For instance, the pearl white cubicle house-lets are indeed worth checking out. These accommodation units come with your very own private pool and excellent bath spots where you could enjoy an outdoor bath without a worry in the world! (Island Home Welcomes You)

(Island Home Welcomes You) That, is just a modicum of the goodness that Amillafushi has to offer its visitors. One thing which ultimately delights the hearts of the visitors is the diversity of the underwater kingdom beneath the island. The multi-coloured corals which took millions of years to flourish into the phenomenal creatures they are would surely leave you muttering for words. (Island Home Welcomes You)

Snorkeling may not be your cup of tea in case you never did it before. But then, just in case your curiosity of exploring the marine life brims within, you could always take a step ahead. The resort has well-trained instructors who help you to slurp out the goodness of snorkeling and diving while assuring your utmost safety. (Island Home Welcomes You)

Resort life can never be disappointing here at Amilla Fushi. It gives the visitor exactly what they want and that could be the specialty of this particular island resort. (Island Home Welcomes You)


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