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Hurawalhi Island Resort

(Hurawalhi Island Resort) Since the number of tourists visiting Maldives increase at impeccable rates, the tourism industry do seem to be adding more and more resorts to their collections. One such example would be, Hurawalhi Island Resort which is an adults-only resort. Thus, it is one of the newest holiday hideaways in Maldives and a great must-visit if you want to spend your honeymoon in a completely new atmosphere. (Hurawalhi Island Resort)

Sparkling waters, pristine beaches, and lush vegetation of island life… this is an island gifted with a serene optimism which lurks behind every single step in this exquisite world of luxury. One implicit example would be the world’s largest underwater restaurant being located in this very resort. (Hurawalhi Island Resort)

From ocean beach villas to beach pool villas, there are so many choices to pick from. Each and every accommodation unit is unique and quite wonderfully designed to give a chic look. (Hurawalhi Island Resort)

The gastronomical delights here in Hurawalhi are quite wonderful. The master-chefs here are well-known to have the mystic ability to leave the visitors lost for words by the different tastes that the taste buds yearn for. There is also the champaign pavilion where you are more than welcome to raise a glass for the toast of the day. (Hurawalhi Island Resort)

Hurawalhi Island Resort is simple but elegant in myriad aspects. If you would like to experience a modern holiday in Maldives, then book in advance a vacation to Hurawalhi Island Resort (Hurawalhi Island Resort)


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