How was Maldives Formed?

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How was Maldives Formed?
How was Maldives Formed?
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How was Maldives Formed?

Known to be a tropical country in South Asia that has been constantly famed for being a beautiful holiday destination, Maldives consists of a chain of coral islands that are spread over 90,000 Kilometres of the Indian Ocean. These islands are grouped into atolls and are known to be a geographical marvel with a unique history behind it. But the question arises, How was Maldives Formed? What is the secret behind this unique island nation?

The islands of Maldives are formed on prehistoric volcanoes that runs along the Indian Ocean, and went extinct thousands of years ago. It has been proposed by Charles Darwin that these volcanos subsided with the Ocean floor and caused corals to grow around it, forming a reef around the edges which are now known to be Atolls. After these volcanic mountains sunk to the sea, they disappeared. But the developed reef was present and became a barrier reef, encircled by a lagoon of turquoise hue. The coral continued to grow, slowly collecting materials from the surrounding reefs, forming sandbanks which later became the pristine islands filled with lush vegetation and wildlife that we see today.

The coral reef consists of dead corals at the bottom and vibrant corals at the top. The layer has a thickness of about 2100 metres (from a survey by Esso in 1980) and continuous to grow a few millimetres each year. The coral reefs that forms the islands are located on the top of a 960 kilometre submarine ridge that runs to the north and south, with the southern end having a wide channel for navigation across the Maldivian islands and the reefs. Each Maldives Island has their own house reef, which serves as a protector from natural disasters while boasting a breathtaking scenery that is perfect to explore by snorkeling. However, these beautiful islands have the risk of sinking as the sea level rises since they are known to be the lowest lying islands found in the world, with an average ground level of no more than two metres.

Maldives is certainly a tropical destination with uniqueness in every corner. With the stunning islands formed remarkably, blessed with a natural beauty that cannot be found in any other tourist spot. And the calm waters that are crystal clear, with a diverse ecosystem awaiting to be discovered. There is no better place to spend a relaxing holiday than in the Sunny Side of Life. In addition to that, to make each tourists holiday experience in this tropical paradise filled with privacy, the vacation resorts are set on their own private island. Completely secluded from each other, with a preserved natural environment.

You will not regret one single moment of time spending a beach vacation in this island country reputed for being a paradise on earth. Contact us at Travel Centre Maldives to book a stay at any of the luxurious resorts or to find one that best fits your needs and budget.


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