Eriyadu Island Resort – a diver’s luxury

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Eriyadu Island Resort – a diver’s luxury
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Eriyadu Island Resort – a diver’s luxury

Situated in North Male’ Atoll, Eriyadu Island Resort – a diver’s luxury is reachable through a speedboat ride of 50 minutes from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. The oval-shaped island that possesses a natural environment provides affordable holiday experience for travelers that are keen on having a tropical journey in the Sunny Side of Life without having to empty their pockets.

Although the beautiful island offers multiple options for guests to enjoy themselves, the foreground of Eriyadu is Snorkeling & Scuba Diving. Reputed for being an excellent dive resort that has one of the top house reefs in Maldives, Eriyadu is an ideal holiday island to visit if you are yearning to discover the underwater beauty of paradise on earth whilst being pampered in a relaxing atmosphere. About 40 remarkable dive sites are located within reach of the budget resort that can be explored from sunrise till sunset with the guidance of instructors at Euro Divers Maldives, a Dive Centre that is set on the island. The best conditions to explore the dive spots of North Male’ Atoll is during Southwest Monsoon (June – October), whilst Northeast Monsoon (December – April) is the best time of year to encounter whale sharks and manta rays.

Eriyadu Island Resort – a diver’s luxury

Home to the best house reef in North Male’ Atoll, Eriyadu Island Resort is a delight for snorkelers who are eager to explore the marine life without having to travel too far. Just minutes away from shore, the vibrant reef has 5 entry points with gentle slopes that fall up to 30 metres below the surface. The turquoise lagoon provides easily visibility from the surface with a profusion of marine life swimming around. From a variety of corals, number of tropical fishes, types of sharks & rays, sea turtles, and many more magnificent sea creatures can be found near Eriyadu House Reef.

Eriyadu Island Resort – a diver’s luxury is awaiting to create the perfect tropical experience in paradise on earth for scuba divers & snorkelers. Featuring 60 rooms for a comfortable slumber, an exquisite restaurant and a bar, a water sports centre for an adventurous evening, a wellness centre called Bougain Spa, and the renowned Dive Centre that offers dive courses as well. The pristine island has an unspoiled nature with a tranquil ambiance to luxuriate in whilst enjoying a budget holiday in this luxurious Maldives resort.

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