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Discover the incredible Baa Atoll at Kihaad Maldives

Discover the incredible Baa Atoll at Kihaad Maldives, a five-star resort nestled on the beautiful island of Kihaaddhufaru. Reachable through an inbound flight followed by a speedboat ride, Kihaad provides travelers an affordable holiday experience through an all-inclusive plan whilst pampering them with the luxuries of paradise on earth.

Kihaad Maldives offers their guests the unique opportunity of exploring one of the most popular dive areas in this Island Nation renowned around the world as Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Put on your scuba gear and hop on the dive boat to go exploring several dive spots of Baa Atoll that are merely 20-minutes away. From submerged plateaus to vibrant coral gardens, and even the world-famous Hanifaru Bay. Where divers will encounter whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and various marine life that occupies the cerulean ocean of Maldives.

The luxurious resort has created a marvelous tropical holiday where dive enthusiasts & snorkelers can discover some of the best dive site with the help of Kihaad Dive Centre. Whether it is a beginner or an experienced diver, Kihaad provides their guests the chance to view breathtaking underwater sceneries that are as extraordinary as it seems. Guests can take part in different PADI courses during their Maldives holiday, and go on an aquatic adventure through diving packages offered by the all-inclusive resort.

Visit the Sunny Side of Life and Discover the incredible Baa Atoll at Kihaad Maldives. The blissful resort set on a 600-metre-long pristine island is awaiting to provide the ideal dive holiday in this tropical paradise, complete with a relaxing experience in utmost privacy, surrounded by a beautiful environment and the best of luxuries.

Witness remarkable underwater landscapes at this stunning resort in Maldives by contacting us at Travel Centre Maldives to book a stay.

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