Cheapest all-inclusive water villas in Maldives

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Cheapest all-inclusive water villas in Maldives

If you are looking forward tohave a water villa holiday inMaldives, then it is time to look for cheap all-inclusive options. Due to the fact thatMaldives has so many different types of water villas, it might be a bit of a hassle to decide on your ideal resort. Here is a collection of resorts which appear in both “LIST OF THE CHEAPEST ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORTS” and “LIST OF CHEAPEST WATER VILLA RESORTS IN MALDIVES”. (Cheapest all-inclusive water villas in Maldives)

Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Island Resort

Out of the 80 suites that this resort has, 70 of them are water villas. Although this island resort is seemingly quite a small resort, it does offer excellent amenities. The all-inclusive options offered here are indeed the cheapest possible options here. The restaurant facilities available here are also quite wonderful as it gets excellent reviews from the visitors. (Cheapest all-inclusive water villas in Maldives)

Adaaran Prestige Water Villas

With 20 truly spacious luxury water villas, Adaaran Prestige is one of the most exquisite all-inclusive resorts in Maldives. It is a five star resort which offers a generous selection of all-inclusive options for its guests. Each water villa does have a Jacuzzi and there is a glass cut section in the villa so that the underwater beauty could be seen. (Cheapest all-inclusive water villas in Maldives)

Centara Grand Island Resort

These 62 graciously designed over water villas are simple and elegant at the same time. Centara Grand Island Resort is a 4 star resort in Maldives and it offers two types of all-inclusive plans. The first plan would be covering all food and non-premium drinks at most of the restaurants. The other one is an Island Club level all-inclusive plan which includes other dining restaurants and premium drinks as well. (Cheapest all-inclusive water villas in Maldives)


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