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Best of the Authentic Maldivian Cuisines

Maldives is a distinctive country in many ways. It has its very own tradition, language and culture. The unique Maldivian cuisine has even gained approbation owing to the great exclusivity that it offers along with affordability. The best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines shall surely leave you utterly mouth-watered. The delicious and creativity of the Maldivians even appear in their food. Buckle up and get ready to take a peek into the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines and you are sure to be left simply enthralled!

Mas- Huni

Best Of the Authentic Maldivian Cuisines
Best Of the Authentic Maldivian Cuisines

If you are a fan of spicy deilights, then you shall surely label this dish as the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines! The combination of tuna and grated coconut is the basis of this dish. More spices are added to bring in a true Maldivian taste that would actually make you yearn for more despite the fact that your belly is fully occupied.



This is a 100% Maldivian soup that would definitely tickle your taste buds. It is a simple dish that requires warm water, salt and fish. The aroma of the soup itself is splendid and seems to have occupied a position in the Maldivian cuisine. After all, without this special soup, Maldivian cuisine is incomplete. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why it is considered to be the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines.



Here is a russet dish which inevitably plays a significant role in the Maldivian cuisine. In fact, it have been well-thought-out as the number one lunch and dinner for a vast majority of the Maldivian families. Honestly, this is a dish for those who prefer foods that are extra spicy. The impeccable taste of Rihaakuru is said to make you fall in love with it. Hence, it is no surprise for Rihaakuru to make its way to become the best of the Maldivian authentic dishes which is an excellent essence to our apetite!!


Maldivian Curry
Maldivian Curry

Curries may not have originated here in Maldives but it is the backbone of the Maldivian cuisine. It offers a wonderful taste that would surely enlighten your mood. There are several types of curries that are surely worth savouring. For instance, fish curry which gives you an unforgettable fish flavour or you could opt for chicken curry which offers an appealing curry with chunks of chicken. Or if you are a vegetarian, why not try the true taste of vegetable curry of Maldives? You would absolutely love it! Surely, even curry has become the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines.




If you are looking forward to an excellent desert, then look no further!! Bondi is said to be originated in Addu City. It has a wonderful aroma of a flower called, “Huvandhumaa” which is said to offer a redolent fragrance! The saccharinity of Bondi is a distinctive taste that would make it one of your utmost favourite. Although it can be used as a desert, most Maldivians have it has an appetizer just to prepare for the feast! Surely, it is the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines even in terms of deserts!!

Snacks (Hedhi-kaa)


Maldivian cuisine has lavish choices. Not just large feasts but also simple and light dishes. For those wanting to have a short meal, snacks are the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisine. For example, snacks which are colloquially known as Hedhi-kaa! Gulha is one variety is which spherical in shape and is said to be quite spicy. Ba’-jiyaa is another delicious snack that is crispy and super-spicy. ‘Haluwidhaa’ is a shell-pink pudding that has bagged the honour of being an excellent dessert!!




What good is a cuisine without a varied choices of drinks?? Maldivian cuisine consists of enchanting cold drinks that would be a medicine for your stress as well. ‘Kurum’baa fani’ or coconut water plays a vital role in the cuisine. Moreover, ‘Karaa Fani’ or watermelon juice is a revitalizing drink with chunks of water melon in it. Mango juice and Guava juice are the runner ups which are definitely favourites for Maldivians. In fact, such excellent drinks are the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines!!


A tour to the Maldivian cuisine is like a tantalizing adventure that would make you want to taste the delights again. The Maldivians whole-heartedly welcome you to try the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines and enjoy the taste of Maldives!


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