Best 10 island countries in the world

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singapore maldives friendly
singapore maldives friendly
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Best 10 island countries in the world

The world sure is amazing. And wherever it is that your daily life runs, you would need to take a break every once in a while and savour the diversity of the world. Indeed, if you are searching for the finest island countries to spend your holidays in, then this article is completely dedicated for you!! Here is the list of the best 10 island countries in the world!!

10) Fiji

This island country is surely one of the best 10 island countries in the world due to the fact that the picture perfect panorama of the waterfalls creating a tune for you. Hike along the paved ways and be sure to breath in the buoyancy in the air!! This is one of the finest surf spots in the world as well!

9) Cuba

Who want to go to Cuba for a holiday?? Just a very few of us would opt for it and THAT is our biggest mistake! Cuba is one of the best 10 island countries in the world not only because it has an excellent culture. It is also gifted with fine natural beauty. The rich culture itself attracts tourists from all over the world!

8) Malta

If you are yearning for some exquisiteness in the holiday, then Malta is a nail hit on the head. If you are extremely enthusiastic about adventurous sports. High cliff jumping?? Mountain climbing?? All of this just wait desperately to thrill you deep down. Hence, Malta being in the list of the best 10 island countries in the world is not a big mystery.

7) Philippines

Counting upon the best 10 island countries in the world, Philippines surely makes its way. It comprises of about 7000 islands which give their visitors a spectacular experience. This island country has several major attraction, for instance, Chocolate Hills and Donsol just to name two. In Philippines, you might as well get occupied with climbing, hiking and bird watching anytime!!

6) Thailand

Among the list of the best 10 island countries in the world, Thailand is said to be one of the most popularly visited. That is not a surprise due to the fact that Thailand consists of a wonderful party ambience which is just perfect for someone yearning for a holiday. Attractions here include Golden Buddha and Wat Arun.

5) Greece

If you are a traveler who wants who have an exploratory holiday alongside with enjoyment, then Greece is where you need to travel. It has got a regal history and an excellent culture. The cities in Greece has its own charm and allure. And the islands here are surely worth visiting. For instance, Corfu Island and Crete Island!! Greece has made its way to 5th position in the list of the best 10 island countries in the world.

4) Singapore

Welcome to the epitome of luxurious living! Singapore is said to be a place for luxury lovers. It is famous for its excellence and has a lot of attractions. Night Safaris and the Universal Studio are the most vivid examples.

3) Australia.

Diversity is a beautiful thing. That is exactly what made us fall for this island country. Australia is the island country consisting of varied biodiversity. You could find all sorts of animals that you only dream of seeing in reality. Australia is famous as the TROPICAL PARADISE! And probably, this is a factor which let Australia rise to 3rd position in the best 10 island countries in the world.

2) Japan

“There is NO PLACE like Japan!!” That is what they all say. And of course, this is true. Japan is one of the best 10 island countries in the world because it has something for all types of people. In every myriad way, you find distinctiveness. A warm ambience, a quixotic aura, a perfect atmosphere for anyone who comes here. Sushi? Ramen? Yakisoba? All await to be tried out and admired!! Yes, there is no place like Japan indeed!


Finally, what cracks its way to the top of the list of the best 10 island countries in the world?? What else? – The sunny side of LIFE!! Maldives is the finest destination and is famous as the SIMPLE PARADISE. It is a combination of the AQUATIC PARADISE where all you see is the beauty within the crystal clear ocean AND the TROPICAL PARADISE in which the lush green vegetation of the islands leave you utterly spellbound ALONG WITH the BAREFOOT PARADISE where the soft sandy beaches take away your breath PLUS the LUXURY PARADISE where all the luxury in the world is in your palm!! Of course, having said that… Maldives has been ranked this way for the past few years indeed!!


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