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AWARD WINNING Paradise Island Resort

True as it may seem, Paradise Island resort is one of the most prestigious island resorts in Maldives which readily caters for the needs of its visitors. Because of the brilliance of the services and amenities provided by this particular resort, it has attained a lot of awards. Emphasis shall be made here about a fair few. (AWARD WINNING Paradise Island Resort)

Trip Advisor Awards

(AWARD WINNING Paradise Island Resort)This is an award which is awarded to a particular resorts simply by the real travelers that visit them. According to the travelers, this resort has the most wonderful beaches and pristine waters with nexus of excellent resort facilities which are five star and simply prominent. Paradise Island Resort has attained Trip Advisor Awards in 2013 and 2014. (AWARD WINNING Paradise Island Resort)

World Travel Awards

(AWARD WINNING Paradise Island Resort) One of the most prominent award programmes in the tourism industry is World Travel Awards which follows the ethos of rewarding those who offer excellence and pushes all boundaries. Paradise Island Resort has won this award twice in a row in 2013 and 2014. (AWARD WINNING Paradise Island Resort)

World Luxury Hotel Awards

(AWARD WINNING Paradise Island Resort) The world luxury awards provides recognition in terms of their world-class-well-recognized and the brilliance of services provided to the visitors. (AWARD WINNING Paradise Island Resort)


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