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Maisha Naseer

Maisha Naseer


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Best of the Authentic Maldivian Cuisines
Best of the Authentic Maldivian Cuisines

Best of the Authentic Maldivian Cuisines

Maldives is a distinctive country in many ways. It has its very own tradition, language and culture. The unique Maldivian cuisine has even gained approbation owing to the great exclusivity that it offers along with affordability. The best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines shall surely leave you utterly mouth-watered. The delicious and creativity of the Maldivians even appear in their food. Buckle up and get ready to take a peek into the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines and you are sure to be left simply enthralled!

Mas- Huni

Best Of the Authentic Maldivian Cuisines
Best Of the Authentic Maldivian Cuisines

If you are a fan of spicy deilights, then you shall surely label this dish as the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines! The combination of tuna and grated coconut is the basis of this dish. More spices are added to bring in a true Maldivian taste that would actually make you yearn for more despite the fact that your belly is fully occupied.



This is a 100% Maldivian soup that would definitely tickle your taste buds. It is a simple dish that requires warm water, salt and fish. The aroma of the soup itself is splendid and seems to have occupied a position in the Maldivian cuisine. After all, without this special soup, Maldivian cuisine is incomplete. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why it is considered to be the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines.



Here is a russet dish which inevitably plays a significant role in the Maldivian cuisine. In fact, it have been well-thought-out as the number one lunch and dinner for a vast majority of the Maldivian families. Honestly, this is a dish for those who prefer foods that are extra spicy. The impeccable taste of Rihaakuru is said to make you fall in love with it. Hence, it is no surprise for Rihaakuru to make its way to become the best of the Maldivian authentic dishes which is an excellent essence to our apetite!!


Maldivian Curry
Maldivian Curry

Curries may not have originated here in Maldives but it is the backbone of the Maldivian cuisine. It offers a wonderful taste that would surely enlighten your mood. There are several types of curries that are surely worth savouring. For instance, fish curry which gives you an unforgettable fish flavour or you could opt for chicken curry which offers an appealing curry with chunks of chicken. Or if you are a vegetarian, why not try the true taste of vegetable curry of Maldives? You would absolutely love it! Surely, even curry has become the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines.




If you are looking forward to an excellent desert, then look no further!! Bondi is said to be originated in Addu City. It has a wonderful aroma of a flower called, “Huvandhumaa” which is said to offer a redolent fragrance! The saccharinity of Bondi is a distinctive taste that would make it one of your utmost favourite. Although it can be used as a desert, most Maldivians have it has an appetizer just to prepare for the feast! Surely, it is the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines even in terms of deserts!!

Snacks (Hedhi-kaa)


Maldivian cuisine has lavish choices. Not just large feasts but also simple and light dishes. For those wanting to have a short meal, snacks are the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisine. For example, snacks which are colloquially known as Hedhi-kaa! Gulha is one variety is which spherical in shape and is said to be quite spicy. Ba’-jiyaa is another delicious snack that is crispy and super-spicy. ‘Haluwidhaa’ is a shell-pink pudding that has bagged the honour of being an excellent dessert!!




What good is a cuisine without a varied choices of drinks?? Maldivian cuisine consists of enchanting cold drinks that would be a medicine for your stress as well. ‘Kurum’baa fani’ or coconut water plays a vital role in the cuisine. Moreover, ‘Karaa Fani’ or watermelon juice is a revitalizing drink with chunks of water melon in it. Mango juice and Guava juice are the runner ups which are definitely favourites for Maldivians. In fact, such excellent drinks are the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines!!


A tour to the Maldivian cuisine is like a tantalizing adventure that would make you want to taste the delights again. The Maldivians whole-heartedly welcome you to try the best of the authentic Maldivian cuisines and enjoy the taste of Maldives!

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Maldives Attractions
Maldives Attractions

Maldives Attractions

Welcome to the sunny side of life! Maldives is a minuscule diamond glittering in the aquamarine Indian Ocean. Savour the excellence of traveling just by the visiting this stupendous island country and fill your hear with reminiscences worth a lifetime. A visit to Maldives remains incomplete without travelling to the major Maldives Attractions. You shall be left spellbound by the adventure that awaits to surprise you at each stop! Get ready to savour the tantalizing Maldives Attractions and be rendered speechless!!!

Cruise boats


What is a better idea to explore the thousands of isles in Maldives than going on a cruise? You shall enjoy the exclusive modern facilities available in the cruise while you praise the beauty of Mother Nature simultaneously! Who wouldn’t enjoy the panorama of the sun setting beyond the horizon? The picturesque scenery of the golden drops of sun reflecting on to the auburn ocean surely awaits to amaze you. Travel to the famous dive sites or to mystic uninhabited islands and let your volcano of exhilaration explode!!!


It is a fact that one of the best Maldives Attractions are the diving sites in Maldives. We have got the most mesmerizing coral reefs to check out! Imagine the splendor of entering the aquatic kingdom and being welcomed by thousands of vibrant shoals of fish, and wonderful sea turtles! You could spot exotic creatures like dolphins anytime around or perhaps a gigantic whale shark. Surely, it is inevitable for the diving sites to become the top Maldives Attractions, isn’t it??
For instance, Lion’s Head which is given fundamental protection is a wondrous marine paradise where you would find numerous varieties of fish and corals! Or, visit Kuda Haa where you might encounter a moray eel or a scorpion and leaf fish!! The vibrancy of the coral reefs there would flabbergast you for sure!! Girifushi Thila is a truly amazing site, but only if you excel in the field of diving! The strong gales of wind actually makes a dive in this exotic region a wonder!! Moreover, Okobe Thila, Nassimo Thila and Rasfari are excellent destinations for an exciting dive and also some of the best Maldives Attractions, thus do indulge yourself to go on a diving adventure if you have scheduled a trip to Maldives.

Island Hopping

Of course, it may not be possible to see all the Maldives Attractions in a single day. But by island hopping, you can definitely get the epitome of the country in just one day. You get to travel to another resort and other islands and enjoy the day to the optimum. Breathe in the buoyancy in the air when having a delicious barbecue in the snow-white beaches of a desert island! Island hopping is the springboard for you to explore Maldives in a single day!!


The resorts are the shimmering jewels in the country. They are all unique and distinctive in their own way. Some provide you with a quixotic atmosphere whereas others are all about adventure!! If you would like to have a whisk to the tropical paradise, then you would surely need time to choose from the hundreds of paramount resorts. Honestly, even these resorts are the Maldives attractions that you would enjoy. After all, the Dodger blue oceans and the snow-white beaches surely segregate you from your stressful life.

Seaplane rides

One of the other Maldives attractions are magnificent seaplane rides! These impeccable rides may be used in order to transport tourists from the airport to their pre-booked resorts. Nevertheless, seaplane rides can even be used as means of enjoyment. A seaplane ride gives you an awesome sensation of riding the waves. Take a quick glance at the windows and you would surely sense a chill of excitement down your spine..!


How would you like to splash your way through the waves?? Surfing has surely become one of the most prestigious Maldivian attractions! In fact, Maldives has finally become one of the most impressive surfing spots in the entire world!!

A visit to Male’

Welcome to Male’- The capital city of Maldives. This city is inevitably considered as the most popular of all the Maldives attractions. Of course, the hustling and bustling city of Male’ has several stories to tell you about its history which has been scattered across the city. Firstly, the Islamic Centre which has bagged the honour of being one of the most paramount position in Maldives while being one of the most elegant mosques in the Southern region of Asia. Secondly, Hukuru Miskiyy which is an awe-inspiring monument which has Arabic carvings engraved on to it. If you are on a quest to find remarkable monuments, then do note down the Medhu Ziyaaraiy. It is said to be the memorial of the scholar who is believed to be reason behind the beginning of Islam in our country.


If you want to have a stupendous vacation in Maldives, then do visit all these Maldives attractions and we assure you that your experience shall remain in your mind as a memory that you shall cherish for the rest of your life!

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Maldives Attractions
Maldives Attractions

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Pearls In The Indian Ocean

If you look at the map of the Indian Ocean, then you will definitely see dazzling pearls scattered across it. Those coruscating  are known as a small country known as Maldives. Maldives is also known as the ‘pearls in Indian ocean’. The conurbations of this country are surrounded by the azure sea and this diminutive country has become a well-known tourist destination throughout the world.

The immaculate beaches lined with rigid coconut palm trees are simply a breathtaking beauty. The cajoling breezes coax the palm leaves to sway gently and the melodious gust of wind will indulge you with an utmost tenderness. The suppleness of the sandy beaches inevitably drown our hearts into a deep ocean of relaxation and enjoyment.

The scintillating ocean dazzles due to the reflection of bright rays of the sun. The ocean stretching beyond the horizon itself is an excitement. The scenery of the sunset and sunrise will move you and the way it dominates the world will amaze you. It is worth admitting that the wondrous underwater beauty is a gift. The brightly-coloured lush coral reefs and the manta rays are worth taking pictures of. The kaleidoscope of multi-coloured creatures is also simply a wonder. Surely, this proves that Maldives truly could be considered as the pearls in Indian ocean .

Maldives is a minuscule country, but its heart is much larger. In all moral sense, the locals are extremely compassionate and good-natured. The generosity and the tranquility of the locals makes them unique. They do not have the systemic belief of racism or influence of such baseless thoughts. In fact, they are equally caring and genial towards the tourists and the visitors. The benevolence of the Maldivians definitely make them the pearls in Indian Ocean.

The Maldivians find tremendous joy in sharing occasions such as Eid. Customary events such as parades including people in comical costumes are truly unforgettable. The massive feasts consisting of various types of dishes follow us around the local islands. Similar to the previous emphasis, the joyous experiences and ways of having fun also makes Maldives shining pearls in Indian Ocean.

Life in Maldives is surely a uncomparable one. Local islands bestow the ideal tranquility for families to relish in their vacation to the fullest extent. The highway traffic is evaded and the sound of vehicles along with their irritating fumes are altogether avoided. This is definitely great for honeymooners and newlyweds expecting a peaceful vacation with moments worth cherishing. As obvious as it seems, the remarkable gates of Maldives open for you. This has made Maldives the pearls in Indian Ocean and the dream vacation destination for numerous people.

It is a perceptible fact that Maldives does not have large oil mines as a legacy. In spite of that, the fishes swimming under our feet has become appreciable. The fish export has become the biggest industry in Maldives providing employment for a great number of Maldivians making Maldives a pearls in Indian Ocean.

Maldives is a symbol of elegance despite its size. Its minute size did not alter its exquisiteness to the world. The world has finally noticed these pearls in Indian Ocean, also known as Maldives and it is our pleasure and honour.