A family holiday to Constance Resorts in Maldives

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A family holiday to Constance Resorts in Maldives
A family holiday to Constance Resorts in Maldives
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A family holiday to Constance Resorts in Maldives

Family vacationers tend to search for a holiday destination where it’s safe for kids to run around and play whilst the parents relax the day away. A kid-friendly environment that creates new memories as the whole family spends time together doing exciting activities. Although Maldives is reputed for being a magnificent honeymoon destination, the holiday islands of this tropical archipelago did not forget about the families yearning for a relaxing escape. Imagine a pristine island with an impeccable nature to get pampered with luxuries. Let go of the traditional camping trips or city getaways and head on to the paradise on earth for a family island retreat. Out of the many luxurious resorts in the Sunny Side of Life, we will highlight the Constance Hotels: Constance Halaveli and Constance Moofushi. So keep on reading to find out why you should go for a family holiday to Constance Resorts in Maldives.

The Tropical Beaches – the Constance resorts are a natural playground with the softest sand that are as white as snow, encircled by a crystal lagoon of turquoise. Both of these luxury resorts in the Maldives have sand butlers that are always prepared to hand out refreshments, light snacks and treats when guests require it so that they can laze around the beach and relax without having to move a finger. Kids can run around the soft sand, make stunning sandcastles or paddle along the shorelines without any fear, whilst the parents soak up the glorious rays of the sun.

Get Pampered in the Spa – Maldives is one of the best tropical destinations to indulge in wellness treatments, with a natural environment that has been blessed with a soothing ambiance to complete the spa journey even after the guests step out. Parents can drop the little ones off at the Kid’s Club and rejuvenate themselves or bring them along and let them be spoiled with exciting children’s spa treatment.

Complimentary Kid’s Club – the children’s club at Constance hotels in Maldives are free of charge for junior guests between the ages of 4-12. Let them be adventurous and discover exciting information whilst making new friends along the way, under the supervision of the friendly and experienced staffs of Constance.

Thrilling Activities & Excursions – a Maldives holiday should not be just about relaxing. There should be a little adventure as well. Let your kids explore the underwater beauty of Maldives as they snorkel the vibrant house reef which surrounds the pristine islands, discovering colourful fishes and corals. Embark on a cultural journey to a local island or spend half a day on a secluded one. There are variety of exciting activities & excursions to take part whilst in the Sunny Side of Life that will open a whole new world for the entire family.

A Romantic Evening for Parents – a family vacation does not mean that parents cannot enjoy time as a couple. Let the babysitters of Constance hotels take care of your little ones while you and your beloved take some time off to spend an intimate evening together. Indulge in romantic dinner on the beach, walk along the shoreline hand in hand as the sunsets making the sky change its hues, or just relax and sip an exotic cocktail in a peaceful atmosphere and melt your stress away.

A family holiday to Constance Resorts in Maldives will certainly be an unforgettable journey. There are a variety of benefit offered by the luxurious resorts for their younger guests such as; a children’s menu, baby food, cots, toys, and many more. The island resorts makes it easier for parents to enjoy a tropical vacation in the Sunny Side of Life by providing anything they may need, and if they haven’t all they have to do is simply ask!

To book a family getaway to one of the Constance hotels in this island nation, contact us at Travel Centre Maldives.


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