Vakarufalhi Island Resort

Vakarufalhi Island Resort is one of the most amazing luxury deluxe hotels in Maldives. Other than being one of the simplest resorts in Maldives, its visitors believe that the beautiful island resort being gifted with the gifts of Mother Nature is another reason behind its excellence!! Vakarufalhi Island Resort has made it to the top 20 resorts in Maldives!! Book a holiday to this luxury resort to get the best of Maldives by traveling to the sunny side of life!!

Being surrounded by dazzling lagoons of emerald shade. Vakarufalhi Island Resort is considered to be an epic example of a wonderful resort in Maldives. Hence, if you want to have a family luxury vacation to Maldives then just contact your Maldivian travel agent for the finest fair priced vacations. If you want to have an activity packed holiday including traditional activities such as sunset fishing and strolling by the beach, then we have got activity packed holiday packages followed by affordable all-inclusive luxury packages!! Why not just book a travel package to this exquisite luxury hotel!! This is also one of the cheap Maldivian hotels offering affordable holidays to Maldives!! Vakarufalhi Island Resort is said to be one of the classic hotels in Maldives!! WE have got excellent single holiday packages and single parent vacation packages!!

Dunye Spa is one of the most soothing spas in which you leave behind all your stress and reality apprehensions when you leave with our scrubs and treatments!! Just book an all-inclusive holiday package to Maldives and you shall experience the best of Maldivian tradition and lifestyles!! As far as gastronomical delights are concerned, we have just the treat!! Vakarufushi Island Resort offers the finest culinary experience which showcases the art of culinary for you to judge!!

Are you ready to go on a snorkel down the deep? Do you want to checkout underwater wrecks and coral kingdoms providing homes for delicate marine creatures? Soar in zero gravity and explore the mesmerizing shoals of fishes of multi colour!! Vakarufushi Island Resort is one of the best diving resorts in Maldives as well.

Just book a holiday to this luxury resort. Go for last minute booking services if you were not able to book in advance! The magic island of Vakarufalhi Island Resort awaits to render you enthralled!!

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Beach Villas

The beach villas indulge guests with a feeling of complete isolation in the middle of a private paradise while being surrounded by the very best amenities. All 45 Beach Villas on the island are individual bungalows that are spread out across the Vakarufal


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Garden Villa

The Vakarufalhi Garden Villas offer a unique Maldivian experience from the Beach Villas, as they provide views of lush vegetation and the lagoon. These Garden Villa’s are styled according to traditional Maldivian Architecture.


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Over Water Villa

The epitome of luxury and independance. Valkarufalhi, Over Water Villas provide guests with the ultimate experience of the Maldives. Located on top of the tranquil azure ocean, these villas are spacious and oversized for the ultimate indulgence. Each is f


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Pool Villa

The Pool Villa suite is situated with a view of the lagoon & the sea. The suite consists of two separate double bedrooms, a living room and a shared private plunge pool. The bedroom offers all the facilities of a beach villa with a spacious bathroom open


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