Amari Havodda Maldives

Traveling to the extravagant Maldivian resorts for holidays have now become ubiquitous and is proliferating. Thus, if you are in imperative need of a boast of relaxation, then you all you need to do is fabricate a plan to fly to Maldives! Amari Havodda Maldives is one of the newest to the modest resort collection of the full-star winning resorts of this generation! Traveling to this pinnacle of the island-paradise in Maldives shall indeed render you outright wordless by the level of exquisiteness and the alacrity that you witness within this atmosphere of excellence!!

Amari Havodda, has been developed with the brazen effort of guiding its visitors to a paradigm paradise where their hearts speak out. Lower budget schemes kept in mind, this resort offers special travel offers which enable you to save up to 50% of the exclusive traveling costs and yet let you savour the spiritual corner of the sunny side of life!
This mesmerizing luxury resort yowls to greet you with integrity! 55 minutes of waiting and you shall reach the realm of paradise that a part of you yearns to experience. The exotic wildlife mingling up your senses and the cajoling breeze of nature caressing you every moment! This is the springboard to experience the charm of wild island-life! Seclude yourself from the sequential booms of the hectic city life and be one with these phenomenal gusts that make your mind sing to its tunes!

The luxury hotel features are quite unimpeachable apart from its natural cliché. 48 ‘Beach Villas’ followed by the 12 Beach Pool Villas which are comparatively more spacious and illustriously worked on, are inexplicably astonishing in terms of the quality of the named accommodation facilities! Prepare to be bewildered by the activity packed vacation that awaits to enliven you from the sole of your feet to the highest peak-point imaginable! For instance, if rejuvenation is your cup of tea, then ‘Breeze Spa’ shall surely compel you to swoon out every ounce of distress lurking within you! Guaranteed enjoyment and pleasure under a pre-set budget is nothing less than a dream come true for an enthusiastic budget traveler.

Every Maldivian resort has its own chic style and contour! Thus, Welcome yourself to the elixir of island exploration! Whether your motto is traveling is, ‘Luxury is Life’ or ‘Romance in traveling’. Be assured that this is a luxury resort which quenches the thirst and satisfies you in the most enthralling possibility!

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Beach Villa

Spacious with beautiful sea views, the Beach Villa at Amari Havodda Maldives offers a private terrace with sun loungers, modern amenities, open-air bathroom and much more complete your private Maldivian sanctuary.


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Sunset Beach Villa

Large, luxurious and with incredible sunset views, the Sunset Beach Villa at Amari Havodda Maldives offers a private terrace with sun loungers, modern amenities, open-air bathroom and much more complete your private Maldivian paradise.


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Beach Pool Villa

Spacious, luxurious, and with a private plunge pool, the Beach Pool Villa at Amari Havodda Maldives is your private sanctuary. Modern amenities, open-air bathroom, loungers, sea views and more complete your Maldivian home.


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Overwater Villa

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Overwater Pool Villa

Large, magnificent and set over the blue Maldivian ocean waters, the Overwater Pool Villa at Amari Havodda Maldives is the epitome of luxury living. A private plunge pool, sun deck with hammock, endless ocean views, modern amenities and more complete your


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