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Why choose a Maldives Resort

The Sunny Side of Life is reputed for being a stunning tropical destination by holiday travelers from around the world that has had the luck of witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of the coral islands. Thousands of tourists visit Maldives throughout each year to holiday at the beautiful island resorts that are secluded from the rest of the world, offering a good amount of privacy. There are numerous reasons behind the question Why choose a Maldives Resort? Listed below are some of the main ones to consider.

Luxury Accommodation

Why choose a Maldives Resort
Water Villa at Kanuhuraa

it is not an unknown fact that Maldives is home to elegant hotels that are set on their own pristine islands. These holiday resorts provide comfortable accommodation facilities that are designed stylishly, with the most modern amenities included to ensure that guests get everything they need. However, the accommodation options differ in each island resort. The resorts in Maldives offer villas, suites, rooms, bungalows, etc, that are either situated on the immaculate shores of the holiday island or over the turquoise waters that surrounds it. From family rooms to honeymoon suites, the luxurious resorts are ready to cater for any type of holiday guest that comes their way.

A Culinary Adventure 

Why choose a Maldives Resort
Dining at Baros Maldives

Maldives is home to a unique set of cuisines that has been derived from the flavours of neighbouring countries. Even though the Sunny Side of Life has tasteful dishes that will tickle the taste buds, all of the vacation resorts offer a wide range of world-class cuisines to satisfy the cravings of each guest. When it comes to Seafood, the tropical paradise offers the freshest of all with the magnificent sea just minutes away. In addition to that, the resorts provide: Indian, Sri Lankan, Mediterranean, Italian, Thai, International cuisines, and many more! Guests will surely get a gastronomical journey whilst holidaying in one of the holiday islands of Maldives, where they can get to indulge in exquisite dishes whilst being surrounded by nature’s beauty.

The Maldivian Spas

Why choose a Maldives Resort
Spa treatment at Four Seasons Resort Kuda Huraa

The immaculate islands of Maldives have a natural relaxing ambiance, giving the ideal wellness experience any spa lover yearns for. Imagine getting a rejuvenating massage while encircled by a garden of green, as you hear the waves gently lapping against the shore, creating the perfect soothing atmosphere. Each resort has their own island spa that offers unique treatments of different varieties done by expert therapists, to ensure that guests get the best holistic experience whilst holidaying in the Sunny Side of Life.

An Aquatic Paradise

Why choose a Maldives Resort
Maldives Underwater

Maldives has a rare underwater beauty that is waiting to be discovered. The diverse ecosystem hidden beneath the surface of the water of Maldives is one of the main reasons travelers love visiting this holiday destination. The vibrant sea life of Maldives consists of various types of coral reefs and colourful fishes that lives peacefully. These sites can be explored in multiple locations that are known to be stunning dive spots or by snorkeling around the house reef of the island resorts that has an excellent reef garden as well.

A Holiday of Fun!

Why choose a Maldives Resort
Water Sports

Even though the Sunny Side of Life is a tropical paradise known for the perfect relaxing holiday, there are multiple adventures awaiting the guests. All of the resorts offer some form of recreational activity or an excursion for their guests to enjoy their beach vacation in the Maldives. From numerous water sports to picnics on a sandbank, a tour in Male’ or stopping by a local island, playing volleyball on the beach or tennis in a wide court to cruising through the waters and watching the sun go down. There are a variety of things to do in order to entertain yourselves whilst in this tropical destination.

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