Turtles found in Maldives

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Turtles found in Maldives
Turtles found in Maldives
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Turtles found in Maldives

Maldives is known to be an aquatic paradise. A vast majority of tourists who travel to the sunny side of life come here in the tempting anticipation. Welcome to the underwater paradise where you find a diverse kingdom of marine creatures. Here is a list of the types of turtles found in Maldives.

Green turtle

These are the most common island turtles and they are mostly seen hatching by the islands in Ari Atoll. It is a wonderful scene although seeing green turtles lay eggs is seen once in a blue moon. Nevertheless, in comparison to the others of its family, green turtles are the most common turtles founds in Maldives

Hawksbill turtle

This is colloquially known as Kahanbu!! This is a quite beauty species of turtles found in Maldives. These are highly protected by law as they are critically endangered creatures in the world. Hawksbill turtle is surely a creature that you dream of coming across while you snorkel in Maldives.

Olive Ridley turtle

These medium sized creatures are often found in warm tropical areas and are found in abundance in the waters in North Ari Atoll. They are also considered to be exquisite turtles found in Maldives.

Loggerhead Turtle

Loggerhead turtle or loggerhead is colloquially known as Boabodu Velaa. It is found plentiful in warm tropical climates. Loggerheads are classified as marine reptiles. These are some of the finest turtles found in Maldives.

Leatherback sea turtles

These are locally known as Musimbi. These are the largest turtles in the turtle family and is the 4th heaviest reptile!! Although not in plentiful, leatherback sea turtles are also found here in Maldives. For instance, South Ari Atoll as well as the Addu Atoll. Nevertheless, these turtles are not at all known to nest in Maldives.


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