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The Indian pop band SANAM in Maldives

The Indian pop band SANAM in Maldives. The famous Indian Singer, Sanam Puri and his band (SANAM) arrived to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport this morning (22nd July 2015). It has been reported that the band is staying at Paradise Island Resort & Spa, in North Male’ Atoll. They are visiting the island nation to perform at a show that commemorates the Republic of Maldives being Independent for 50 years.

The Indian pop band SANAM in Maldives
Sanam Puri

SANAM arrived to the Sunny Side of Life for the request of Tourism Minister, Ahmed Adeeb to perform at the Visit Maldives Year – Independence Day Edition show that will be held in Male’ City on Saturday (25th July 2015). The Indian Band consist of; Lead Singer – Sanam Puri, Lead Guitar & Vocals – Samar Puri, Bass Guitar & Vocals – Venky S, and Drums – Keshav Dhanraj. Some of the local Maldivian Musicians will be performing alongside SANAM Band as well.

Sanam Puri (Lead Singer) debuted his career as a Bollywood Singer by recording his first Bollywood Song “Dhat Teri Ki” for the movie “Gori Tere Pyaar Mein.” Since then, the singer and his band has gained popularity amongst Indians and the local Maldivians. After arriving to the Maldives, Sanam Puri has said that the show in Male’ will include a number of exciting surprises for the Maldivian Audience.

The Indian pop band SANAM in Maldives

The marketing campaign by Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) known as Visit Maldives Year 2016, coincides with the Maldives Independence Day (26th of July 2015). The campaign focuses on promoting Maldives as a holiday destination in order to increase the number of tourist arrivals up to 1.5 million. To reach the set target, Visit Maldives Year campaign will be conducting international & national activities, this year and the next. One such huge event being the colourful entertainment activities that has been planned to celebrate 50 years of Independence.

Some of the national and international activities planned for 2015 & 2016 to mark Visit Maldives year, includes;

  • Tourist Arrival Countdown Show with top celebrity performers.
  • 365 Days of Free Holidays – Free holidays offered round the year through various media platforms.
  • 100k Tourist Celebration – Surprises waiting for every 100,000th visitor with colorful welcoming and VIP status.
  • Free Diving Competition – South Asia’s first free diving championship.
  • Mega Wedding – A chance to celebrate your big day in the Maldives.
  • International Surf Competition with top surfers
  • 100 Islands in 30 Days – Chance to explore Maldives from up and beyond.
  • Photo Competition

Recently, MMPRC launched a 2-week video campaign across India at PVR Cinemas in order to promote the tropical paradise Maldives as an ideal tourist destination for Indian Travelers searching for a beach vacation during the summer holiday season. The Maldives is keen to welcome holidaymakers from the neighboring country, India to get the best vacation experience at one of the excellent island resorts.

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