Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives

Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives
Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives
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Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives

During anytime of the day, you could walk into this special spa and consult a professional therapist who will then recommend the perfect treatment for you! Here in this ultimate spa, there are a lot of treatments to choose from. Here is an outline of some spa treatments available here! (Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives)

Massages, scrubs and wraps

Let the tender scrubs and massages and relax and unwind your sore muscles after an exhilarating day enjoying the tropical island adventure! These massages penetrate deep into your muscles! (Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives)

Facials, manicure and pedicure

These herbal facials can polish the beauty within you and give you a brand new glow on your face! The manicures and pedicures are also performed by highly skilled beauticians and there is nothing you should worry about! (Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives)

Hair wraps and eye treatments

There are hair wraps which are desgiend to strengthen your hair and let it have a mirror shine!
The eye treatments are quite affordable now as well. (Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives)

Couple treatments

Of course, a spa is greatly substantial in a wedding or a honeymoon indeed. It gives the twosome a whole new elegant look and afterwards, it offers tender pampers which would remain as a reminiscence forever! (Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives)

Other than the treatments mentioned above, there are individual treatments depending upon the desire of the guests. Moreover, Ayurveda (The science of LIFE) Treatments which are based on understanding the eternal facts about the minds, spirit and body of the human being! (Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives)

There are also brief yoga sessions wholly dedicated for all the visitors to calm their mind and body for the adventure awaiting them the next day! (Spa Treatments in Baros Maldives)


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