Shopping in Maldives

Shopping In Maldives
Shopping In Maldives
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Shopping in Maldives

Maldives is surely an excellent tourist destination that continues to develop in an incomprehensible rate!! If you are planning to shop in Maldives, then probably the capital city of Maldives, Male’ is the best!! Whatever it is that you want ranging from jewelry and other handicrafts depicting Maldivian culture to canned fish and other useful appliances!! If you want to do some shopping in Maldives, then Male’ is the finest place to start and your hunt!!

The local market

If you are looking forward to savour the fresh taste of the Maldivian fruits. Then this is exactly where you will find them. Here, the fresh vegetables and fruits arrive from other Maldivian atolls. You could find fresh coconuts and juicy mangoes.. You could find delicious melons and other snacks that would let you savour the excellence of Maldivian tastes!! Shopping in Maldives for food?? Then the local market is where your hunt ends!!

Majeedhee Magu

This is one of the streets having numerous shops selling wide ranges of goods of wide selling prices. Shopping in Maldives?? Then one way walk from either side of Majeedhee Magu is all you need!!

Chaandhanee Magu

This is another hustling and bustling streets of Maldivies in which a single walk from one corner to the next gives you the sensation of walking around a mall. Whatever it is that you want, you get it somewhere here!! The shops here are stocked with souveniers!! Hence, if you want to buy a souvenier then this is where you belong!! Shopping in Maldives becomes easier!!


The trade of natural products such as turtle shells are prohibited and you need to avoid them at all costs!!


Male’ is a comparatively small city. You could just walk from shop to shop or if you have a change of minds, you could opt for a taxi when you are done shopping in Maldives for one day!!


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