Protected species in Maldives

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Maldives Sharks
Maldives Sharks
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Protected species in Maldives

Maldives is surely home for several wondrous species. The tropical greenery is a home for several birds that flap their wings happily to the beckoning of nature!! The oceans are the epitome of the awe-inspiring aquatic creatures as well. Hence, these species are a part of the Maldivian nature and it is vital to protect them. Hence, the government has thoroughly decided to follow a law under which a wide range of species are to be protected. Thus, here are a few of the protected species in Maldives.


These pure-white birds are normally found in Addu City and are given a high priority in the list of protected species in Maldives. The breathtaking view of them flying around creates a picture-perfect panorama indeed. These creatures were once captured and treated with cruelty resulting in a substantial decrease in their population. Hence, it was vital for them to be included amongst the protected species in Maldives.


Although these creatures are said to be dangerous in myriad ways, they play an important role in the balancing of the eco-system. Without the sharks, the aquatic life is under the threat of extreme detriments! Even sharks were slaughtered long ago, resulting in the worst possible scenario of an unstable food chain. Thus, it was inevitable for the sharks become a part of the protected species in Maldives.


The slow and laid-back movement of the sea turtles under the sea is surely an alluring scenery to watch. Since we did not want these creatures to be killed ruthlessly for their shells, they are also a part of the protected species in Maldives. Nonetheless, littering into the sea has specifically caused the suffocation and death of these innocent creatures. This doubled the importance of including them among the protected species in Maldives.


When you take a tantalizing dive into the Maldivian waters, then the utmost fascination comes from the mesmerizing corals. Nevertheless, some people have taken this for granted and began taking them for souvenirs. Another threat to the marine life!! Thus, to prevent the destruction of these remarkable creatures, we have included them in the list of protected species in Maldives.


We often go along cruises for dolphin-sightings. The dolphins are said to be affable creatures that creates a passion for them in our hearts. Hence, we never want them to segregate from our lives. Since this is so, they belong to the list of the protected species in Maldives.


Surely, these protected species in Maldives deserve fortification. They do not deserve to be victimized. They deserve to be loved and nurtured with respect. These protected species in Maldives are the embodiment of our Maldivian nature!!


  1. wow, wow, wow!! Thank you for sharing these! I aaywls like looking at people’s travel posts, great to be somewhat transported to the other side of the world via photos and words. The Maldives look stunning and that walkway with the frame out on the water is truly magic. The giant wall of the aquarium must have been a sight!Definitely putting the Maldives onto my ‘destination list’Thanks for dropping by and your comment on my recent post!x Lauren

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