Over-water suites at Coco Island by COMO

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Over-water suites at Coco Island by COMO
Dhoni Suites
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Over-water suites at Coco Island by COMO

Coco Island is a luxury five star resort set on a pristine isle ready to give you a true taste of Maldives. The feature that distinguishes this resort from the others is the unique accommodation. The concept and design for these villas are that of the traditional Maldivian boat called “dhoni.” With 33 traditional yet stylishly crafted over-water suites at Coco Island by COMO, you will get a local Maldivian on the sea experience with comfort all around.

Dhoni Suites: There is no doubt that these unique over-water villas look like a traditional Dhoni from the outside and on the inside you will find creativity in every corner with all the necessary facilities. The Dhoni Suites have a large bathroom, bedroom and a private sundeck from which you can access the water garden.

Dhoni Loft Suites: Inside this luxury villa is a mezzanine floor with the master bedroom. This villa with a large living area is an ideal over-water suite for families as the living room can be double as a sleeping area as well. The luxurious Dhoni shaped villa also has a private terrace to access the lagoon and to dine in.

Loft Villa: This two leveled and rather special Loft Villa has an outdoor shower, a broad living area which can be used for sleeping, and a sundeck which is located below while the master bedroom is on the upper level.

One Bedroom Villas: Set on a jetty that is secluded from each other, these villas are one of the largest one bedroom villas on this luxury resort. There’s a living room, a balcony with a daybed for lounging, an outdoor shower and a terrace with dining tables and chairs.

COMO Villas: The two COMO Villas are lodged on a private jetty. Each villa has two wings which has the bedrooms, a master bedroom and a twin bedroom with an en suite bathroom and open air shower. There is a terrace on each side that can access the water garden. Both wings are connect by the dining area and living area with an airy balcony. Private Butler service is available for those who stay at COMO Villas.

Even though the villas portray a boat, they are not able to float as they are fixed on to the lagoon. The over-water suites at Coco Island by COMO are fully air-conditioned with all the modern facilities and services. To book a stay in these unique villas at this luxurious and romantic resort to experience a sense of traditional Maldives, contact Travel Centre Maldives.


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