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Maldivian art and crafts

According to the history, Maldives was a paramount country when it comes to art and crafts. The unique carvings on the historical buildings such as Hukuru Miskiy and Munnaaru is evidence that shows the creativity of the craftsmen of the past. Consequently, the Arabic calligraphy penned on the walls of the Islamic centre definitely makes us praise the modern craftsmen whole-heartedly as well. A minority of the Maldivian art and crafts have ceased to exist in our era, while the others are given a chance to bloom due to the advancement of tourism on our country. Among the Maldivian art and crafts, there are exquisite items that would render us entirely speechless!!

Wooden Lacquer Ware

Maldives has always been a country full of nimble craftsmen. They were said to excel in the field of hollowing and shaping wood to different shapes. The impeccable designs of flowers carved on to it make it even more unique. Honestly speaking, Alexandrial Laurel, colloquially known as funa is used this way in customary. The beautiful jewelry boxes and several other containers were done this way. If you decide to visit Maldives, then do take one such item as a token of the excellent Maldivian art and crafts.


Mat weaving is actually is a job commonly done by the women. The most beautifully woven mats are said to be done by the meticulous women of Gahdhoo in Gaafu Atoll. It is done by collecting reeds from neighbouring islands such as Fioari and drying them in the sun. They are also treated with natural dyes. The abstract designs of the Maldivian mats depend on the imagination of the weaver. It is a fact that Maldivian mats are distinctive and extremely unique owing to the fact that Maldivian women are expert mat weavers. Hence, mats are tributes of our fine Maldivian art and crafts.

Boat building

As we do now, boats were build based on a paper-based plan. Nevertheless, previously Maldivians use coconut wood to build the hull of the ship whereas coir was the major item that holds the planks in a bundle. Additionally, coconut fronds were significant in making the square shaped sail.
Boats always played a role in the daily-Maldivian life. The boats are the essence of Maldivian livelihood as it is used even for the sheer purpose of fishing.


As mentioned above, the artistically carved monuments such as Munnaaru signify the originality of the Maldivians. Moreover, those in the Islamic center are even more stunning which is why Islamic center is one of the top destinations in Maldives for those who are tremendously interested in Maldivian art and crafts.


Maldivian art and crafts are exquisite tokens of the ingenuity of our ancestors. If you do visit Maldives, then do indulge yourself to experience the splendor of the amazing Maldivian art and crafts.


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