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Finding your way in Hulhumale’

If you have a plan of traveling to Maldives and you want a unique holiday in Maldives, then do not panic! We have got a range of options for you to choose from. For instance, why don’t you visit Hulhumale’? One of the finest islands in Maldives! Here is a guide which would be of some use to you in finding your way in Hulhumale’! Hulhumale is one of the most beautiful islands which neighbours the city of Male’ but is also a beacon of refreshment and excellence!!

How to get there from Male’?

To get to Hulhumale’ from Male’, you need to a ferry ride. These large ferries are quite comfortable and you could get a clear picture of the ocean beyond. After about 25 minutes in the ferry, your eyes shall open into a whole new world! Hulhumale’. Where there are comparatively less traffic jams and population in comparison with Male’. Nevertheless, Hulhumale’ is surely an island that is praised for its beauty. People name Hulhumale’ as the younger sibling of Male’. Even if this is so, Hulhumale’ is an island built artificially. But it does not seem so. Hulhumale’ has recently been planted with several plants in the anticipation of making it greener and a better place to live in. It has got long open roads which avoids much of all the traffic! You could always get long strolls by the beach or watch the sun set beyond the horizon. The wonder of sunset you see here in Hulhumale’ is a totally different level of beauty indeed!!

Hulhule’ International Hotel

Hire an airport taxi and just go on a long and yet soothing ride to Hulhule’ International Hotel. This is one of the finest hotels in Maldives. This is because it offers alcoholic drinks apart from the holiday resorts in Maldives. Finding your way in Hulhumale.

Eating out

There are plenty of restaurants for you to dine to your hearts’ content. Wonderful cuisines and extravagant buffets are await to challenge your tickling tongue buds and take you on a gastronomical fantasy. Several international delights await your arrival. But if you want to try out local food, try the local tea shops which offer normal local snacks and meals!! Finding your way in Hulhumale’


Since there is a lot of space here in this island, the work of construction is ongoing. You could see flats in uniform figures. This surely adds much more beauty to the island of Hulhumale’. Well, the residents often allow guests to stay for daily or weekly rents. You could opt for one of these or just opt for a hotel if you prefer!

Diving and Surfing

This island is a superb arena for diving as well. Diversity of marine life here in explicable indeed. The marina is just a short walk away or a short ride away.

If you are a budget traveler, then Hulhumale’ is the best place to stay for a holiday! Follow your heart of traveling to this island and you shall be enthralled! Finding your way in Hulhumale’

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