Diving adventure at Dhigu Rah

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Diving adventure at Dhigu Rah

It is only the luckiest of the luckiest who get the chance to experience the authentic beauty of Maldives at its best. In order to understand the rich history and the beloved traditions of Maldives, one must take a troll in a local Maldivian island. “Dhigu Rah” is a Maldivian island which is nothing less than an adventurers’ paradise. (Diving adventure at Dhigu Rah)

(Diving adventure at Dhigu Rah)If you want to stay at a local island, the first thing you need to understand is that Maldives is a 100% Muslim country. Even though it not an issue when you are in a private island resort, you would have to keep certain things in mind when you are out on a vacation in a local Maldivian island. Hence, it is imperative to understand that you will find no bars serving alcohol here. Also, guests should dress decently. (Diving adventure at Dhigu Rah)

Boutique Beach which is a local guest house in Dhigu Rah, does offer its guests a separate space where they could dress up in tan suits and get a golden tan anytime. If you have a passion for diving, the PADI dive shop is the place to go. Regardless of being a newbie or an intermediate diver, the dive team at Dhigu Rah will be of great help. (Diving adventure at Dhigu Rah)



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