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De-stress like never before

W Retreat and Spa is a one of the best five star resorts in Maldives. Holiday in the Sunny Side of Life at this chic hotel of pristine natural beauty with a sense of funkiness all around you. Only a short 25 minute seaplane ride from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, this luxurious resort is perfect for those looking to party all night in the first and only underground night club in the Maldives and De-stress like never before in the AWAY Spa.

The award winning AWAY spa is where you can rejuvenate and revitalize your body and soul. This exclusive spa situated in one of the best luxury resorts in Maldives, W Retreat and Spa has treatment areas of 66 square metres located indoors and outdoors. The four luxurious treatment villas gives each guest plenty of privacy while you renew yourself. After your treatment is over you can step on to the wraparound sundeck where you can relax with a drink in your hand or go to the pavilion for a peaceful yoga session or practice your painting.

Make your way to one of the best holiday destinations in the world and stay in the luxurious five star resort W Retreat to be whisked away at the award winning AWAY spa. This luxurious spa has several remedies to renew your body and soul. Get a massage to relax your tight muscles, heal your soul with an Ayurvedic or a full body treatment and treat each part of your body separately by having a facial, hand and foot treatment.

To make matters even better and de-stress like never before, W Retreat and Spa provides special offers, all-inclusive packages and a special spa package that lets you have an affordable holiday in this luxury resort while enjoying all the pleasures of the award winning spa AWAY and other complimentary benefits as well.

If you are a health seeker yet enjoy being in a stylish environment then make way to W Retreat and Spa by booking with Travel Center Maldives. Have a vacation in the Sunny Side of life, one of the best honeymoon spots and top holiday destination by staying in this five star resort and get to de-stress like never before.

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