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Backpackers Maldives
Backpackers Maldives
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The heart-shaped Addu Atoll is a backpackers’ paradise…


Far from the well-trodden traveler route, nonetheless with the simplest transportation links within the ground, the Addu coral reef (known regionally as Seenu) retains lots of charm that has been lost in several components of the Maldives in its pursue luxury.

The Maldives is illustrious as a honeymoon destination and its somewhat difficult earth science makes navigation of those small islands, flung across the Indian Ocean sort of a string of pearls, somewhat onerous to urge around as a totally freelance soul (FIT)

Until now, long-distance transportation has been restricted across the Maldives however as a lot of networks open up within the north and also the south, alongside the planned growth of Gan flying field to receive a lot of international flights, Addu is well on its thanks to changing into one among the foremost backpacker-friendly atolls.

What is a lot of the new government is additionally actively encouraging freelance travel currently, with the creation of the many a lot of mid-market and budget beds, therefore there has ne’er been a far better time to go to the Maldives.
Adventure awaits the freelance soul, in Gan, within the variety of bike rides, diving and historic looking. All of the islands in Addu coral reef, with the exception of the north-east islands of Hulhumeedhoo and Villingili, area unit coupled by a causeway designed by the Brits, that makes it straightforward to navigate.

A total of six islands conjure the western face of Addu coral reef. These comprise of Gan, Feydhoo, Maradhoo-Feydhoo, Maradhoo, Hankede and Hithadhoo. There area unit quite an few guest homes scattered round the islands.

Situated on the sting of the coral reef, the island of Gan has a number of a number of the simplest reef diving and snorkeling accessible within the country. the possibility to explore island life on your own terms while not defrayal little fortune is one among the simplest ways that to get pleasure from the Maldives.

The island of Gan boasts one among the best causeways within the Maldives that links no quite six islands. Its port Feydhoo, within the south-west of the coral reef normally referred to as ‘Gan-side’features a active harbour that buzzes day and night. several vessels sail in from as so much as Male’ transporting merchandise to the coral reef and plenty of campaign boats dock simply across the laguna. From the port, you’ll be able to take a taxi from one finish of the island to the opposite for around 150Rf and betting on wherever you would like to travel, it’s metered out per island at 40Rf.

With the exception of Gan (the former British air station wherever the Equator Village resort is currently located), Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa and Herathera Island Resort, most of the islands area unit underpopulated by locals. The adjacency of native island life and resort life, and the superb transport links offer travellers the possibility to examine the native Asian manner of life that they’ll seldom expertise therefore simply across the remainder of the ground.


Equator Village Resort (Former Royal Air Force Base)

Royal Airforce Gan Addu
Royal Airforce Gan Addu

Equator Village is that the 1st stop for many weary travelers. With all the conveniences of home, it’s an ideal pit-stop to recharge the previous batteries before keeping off to explore the remainder of the island by bicycle, which might be employed from the resort.

Gan is that the location for the flying field and also the former Royal Air Force air field and remnants of the previous airbase still stay amongst the grounds, creating for a pleasing day’s exploring. The buildings utilized in the Nineteen Seventies that weren’t knocked all the way down to move for brand spanking new factories for the previous government embody the Astra cinema, the ‘NAAFI’ (selling low cost supplies), the Gan Post workplace and also the Gan workshop.

All these area unit reminders of its service history. there’s associate RAF memorial in tribute to people who served and a place of worship stands on the location of the previous church.
Several memento retailers line the doorway of the gated resort and also the reception is designed out of the previous officers’ mess and, save a lick of paint, the rooms stay very little modified from its service days.

The wicker piece of furniture adds charm and offers a really completely different expertise to the clean lines of a number of the Maldives’ newer, sleeker resorts. Charmingly rustic, this resort features a quintessentially English feel thereto. a sense of ‘home from home’ is obvious altogether aspects, from the unenclosed chickens that roll free round the grounds to the meal served daily from 4pm till6pm.

The open beach hosts a spectacular house reef that fortuitously seems good from coral bleaching – with a number of the simplest dive spots within the country. Snorkeling is pretty sensible here too, go a bit deeper to the drop off purpose and expect to examine baby devil rays, trigger fish and alternative tropical varieties. The resort enjoys a eu, preponderantly German occupancy.

Next door, the Gan Island Club is underneath construction. This development is being distributed by MVK World Health Organization was talented the resort in exchange for providing transportation to the coral reef. once this can be finished, the guest house, once referred to as Dhoogas are going to be one among the simplest coupled resorts within the Maldives – ideal for packing travellers.

Gan-Hithadhoo Causeway

If it’s island life and culture you’re once, then rent a bicycle from your resort and soak up the spectacular scenery on the coast and also the ancient villages of the inside. going away Gan, you enter Feydhoo, simply a brief bicycle ride across the bridge by taking a right to the most causeway. Optionally you’ll be able to take a minibike, because the locals do, or why not hitch a ride with a local?

This exciting coastal route stretches 13km just about across the six islands. There also are interior routes through every island, however solely the coastal route takes you directly through all the islands. retailers and wayside carts commercialism coconuts and mangoes uniformly line the wayside, with the occasional coral house as you permit the active port of Feydhoo behind.

Feydoo, Mara-Feydoo and Maradoo

Maradhoo may be a ancient village and it’s well value taking a detour off the stunningly rugged and turquoise blue coastal path to explore its ancient manner of life. the fundamentals area unit all here, from native retailers to cafés, faculties and homes.

Amidst the coral cottages and wayside carts commercialism home-grown mangoes and bananas, varied signals of economic development area unit evident. New cafes have sprung up and a sports automobile was position outside a fine garments search, in all probability happiness to a man of affairs or politician. Meanwhile, the final population there and in neighbour Hithadhoo lives on but greenback every day.

Hankede and Hithadhoo

At the Maradhoo – Hankede border you’ll be able to notice one among the simplest hour spots on the side of the coral reef. A quaint café known as Quways commands a number of the simplest views of the sun set and you’ll be able to see from the curvature of the island because it joins following as you sit at one among the dry land tables, or underneath a shaded deck space. it’s value a protracted refreshment before continued on to Hithadhoo that may be a long ride off.

Hankede is that the name given to the long stretch of road resulting in the island of Hithadhoo. it’s another 5 just about kilometres down a jungle-lined toll road that has tested the fitness of the manya brave soldier.

After you reach the Sri Lankan Airways sign, continue one or two of metres till you reach a soon-to-be opened inexperienced café with yellow and red umbrellas, closely-held by the previous chief of the Vilu Reef resort.
Hithadhoo may be a ancient village however home to the southern region’s solely public hospital and most of the population of Addu.

Here you’ll be able to buy souvenirs and there area unit quite an few retailers commercialism the most recent trends. most significantly you’ll be able to explore the native manner of life. Ensure you pause to drink from a freshly cut coconut at a fairly priced 7Rf around fifty cents. there’s alittle beach to the rear of the hospital, reached by movement a distance down a palm fringed jungle path.

Hulhumeedhoo (North East Addu)

Traditional Villages

Traditional life within the villages – a water well
Across the laguna lies native tradition lies associate island created from 2 conterminous ancient Divehi villages (classed as islands in their own right) with a complete population of concerning a pair of,600, several of whom board very little coral cottages with gated fences created out of palm leaves and featheredged by quaint coral walls.

Known as Meedhoo and Hulhudhoo severally, these villages sit facet by facet and have terribly completely different personalities. A ferry, operated by MVK, departs daily from Feydhoo to Hulhumeedu.

Legend has it that associate Arab was shipwrecked here virtually 3 centuries before Ibn Battuta (who is alleged to own reborn all the islanders to Islam). The individual’s area unit heat, friendly and hospitable. this can be a fishing community and also the port may be a busy hub of activity day and night. each have their own island chiefs and beliefs.

Some of close the encompassing the encircling} islands surrounding area unit therefore beautiful thatthey create for idyllic castaway destinations. Quite virtually, therefore – the South African version ofthe truth program, Survivor, was recorded on associate depopulated island simply off the coast of Hulhudoo. The show’s producers given a timekeeper created by the contestants to the village of Hulhudoo.


If it’s history and culture you’re once then look no additional than the sleepy headed island of Meedhoo, snuggled within the so much north east of the coral reef. it’s home to at least one of the oldest graveyards within the Maldives. The Koagannu burial ground is understood for its ancient large headstones several of that area unit sliced with the archaic Dhives Akuru script.

There area unit a couple of native retailers, a park, 3 faculties, one or two of place of worships –as well as the oldest mosque within the Maldives, that is connected to the burial ground. flip right out of the burial ground and take a walk down the unmarked sandy ‘beach road’ (in the absence of ‘infrastructure’ here all the roads area unit unmarked) and you may arrive on a stunningly dramatic rocky beach on the south of the island.

The islands area unit set on the sting of the Indian Ocean with no land mass south till the Chagos ground. At tide one will walk on a former reef and exposed coral. Beach hair care is one among the simplest activities on these islands, you’ll be able to notice good specimens of skeletal coral and big good shells. Sadly, these islands suffer quite badly owing to erosion. The beaches of Addu area unit atypical the standard Maldives postcard, however have their own explicit charm.

Standing on the traditional reef looking to the ocean, and back towards the jutting palm trees and coved bay, native youngsters were creating by removal within the shallow rock pools for crab and shrimps, whereas a trained worker sought for his supper with a pole and line. The patterned waves glistened within the time of day sun. Haifa, my native guide and that i headed back on the beach, avoiding squishing the hermit crabs scuttling over the white sand.

White terns area unit the emblematic bird of the southern Maldives. These seagull-like creatures circle the willow, oak and palm trees that grace the natural oasis. Hear them circling overhead. These area unit ocean birds and in and of itself, naturally have a preference for fish – where you discover a flock of white terns, you’ll be able to make sure there’s a chic fish offer near . Fishermen follow these birds to seek out the simplest spots. Since the white larid created its range in the islands, no alternative birds have migrated there, save the stork, which might be seen on a number of the less-frequented beaches.

Terrestial animals area unit restricted on the islands however look closely and ‘Mother Nature’ is all around, sit outside of a night and you may see tiny frogs hopping around on the bottom. They thrive within the sloughy conditions of the mangroves. Gekkos crawl on the walls and higher than your head, lizards slide in and out of the bushes and crickets hum within the bushes whereas large fruitdaft swing within the trees.

Agriculture is fertile here, not like most of the Maldives. Equatorial climates have jilted several species of trees. Juicy ripe juicy bananas will be handpicked from gardens – a number of the most important within the Maldives that flourish with the right quantity of sunshine and rain found within the Equator.

Being near former British airbase of Gan, the native individuals typically speak quite sensible English, notably the younger generation, nonetheless more or less therefore well as their cousins across the laguna.

Some of the native ladies dressed prime to toe in ‘abyaas’ (Arabic robes) pay their days catching up with friends, sweeping the yard and change of state. Their husbands leave the house at dawn head off to ocean on fishing vessels. Of the 2 islands, Meedhu is that the oldest and is a lot of conservative.

Still there’s amusement to be found during this sleepy headed hamlet, in the main for the lads and teenagers. As you close to the harbour there area unit many restaurants. one among my favourites was the piece of ground eating place that is ready on an enthralling deck high a vibrant children’s park jam-packed with swings, slides and wide open areas. It boasts a number of the simplest ice-cream within the Maldives. one or two of metres towards the harbour, Sunset eating place is a lot ofof a preferred country joint for teenagers World Health Organization park their gleaming scooters outside from twelve noon till hour.

Veering right from the eating place, near Meedhoo harbour, there’s a path that brings you out at a secluded stretch of beach. solely a brief wading-distance across the laguna may be a tiny circular island with a lush inexperienced interior, that has been earmarked for resort development later this year. The Hulhoodoo facet is roofed in coral skeletons for the foremost half, and algae, however the foremost impressive good shells and dried coral will be found by hair care the realm. celebrated regionally as ‘Ismehela Hera’, locals wade across for picnics or take a ‘dhoni’ (boat). it’s a chief spot to examine the sun set against the dramatic background of the laguna.


View of the jungle flowering tree walking to Heratheera
From Meedhoo, Hulhudoo may be a short walk off, and is additionally coupled by a transport bus that goes back and forth one or two of times every day. Walking-wise, there area unit one or two of scenic routes through the island. the simplest views will be found by walking round the outline. From Meedhoo harbour you’ll be able to take a jungle beach path beside a flowering tree then through the coral village. continued on this path, across a crossroads at Hulhudoo takes you straight to Herathera Island Resort, before long to be re-launched as Amari resort.

Meedhoo is seen as a lot of conservative and ancient, whereas Hulhudhoo is a lot of hip and classy. It boasts a contemporary harbour and plenty of retailers additionally as ancient stone cottages.several youngsters hang around in Hulhudhoo. there’s a college, associate island workplace, mosques and cafes. cernuous at the social issues this and plenty of alternative underpopulated islands as well as the town face, there’s a medication rehabilitation centre simply opposite the place of worship. typically there area unit a lot of retailers and things to try and do here for native individuals than in Meedhoo..


Fishing boats leave Meedhoo harbour early within the morning (around7 am) and come back within the evening. they’ll be hired across the laguna, for the correct value. Typically, hiring a motorboat prices around 500Rf (around $75US) any time of the day.

However, last year MVK was awarded a contract to supply transport and infrastructure to the coral reef. Already blessed causeways within the south west of the island, MVK introduced regular busses connecting the flying field with the resort of Equator Village then through the islands of Feydoo, Mara-Feydhoo, Maradhoo and Hithadhoo. Regular busses have nonetheless to succeed in the north east of the island and there’s one daily bus from Meedhoo to Maradhoo. typically cars don’t seem to be inspired on these islands and within the north east the transport of selection is minibike.

MVK operates a daily ferry from Hulhudhoo harbour to Feydoo, outward at 7am, with the exception of Fridays. it’s a reasonable thanks to travel at simply 10Rf

From Feydhoo there also are links to Shangri La’s Vilingili, Resort and Spa and Fuvahmulah on routes additionally operated by MVK.

Where to remain

Guest homes for freelance travellers

As yet, there’s no such issue as a guest house on the north side of the realm. Here, ‘hotel’ means that ‘tea house’. On the underpopulated islands, travellers can notice they have asking to remain with a neighborhood family and it’s not recommended to simply happen unexpected. However, if you create some contacts beforehand, they’ll be quite happy to accommodate you. Contact the native island assistant at the island workplace World Health Organization will prepare for you to remain at the house of the kateeb (island chief) or a house maintained for the aim of accommodating guests.

Generally islanders area unit curious and intrigued by tourists and that they are going to be quite willing to accommodate you in their house or a disciple of the family, though they’ll be displeased if you are trying to pay them. By staying with a neighborhood family, you get to expertise Asian food like ‘mas’huni roshi’ and fish curry, though there also are variety of restaurants serving the bottom food. A meal and a drink prices as very little as 20Rf, quite a 3rd of the worth of all-time low priced meal in Male’, and it’s continuously served with a real smile from the guts. Service is additionally extraordinarily sensible, and value tipping further for, because the waiters area unit a lot of attentive and sociable than within the capital.


Time for a cocktail at the pool
When island life gets alittle an excessive amount of, why not take alittle of R and R at Herathera resort, before long to be rebranded as associate Amari building.

Almost unprecedented within the Maldives, wherever resorts area unit sometimes separated from underpopulated areas, rock bottom half the Hulhumeedhoo island is adjoined to the large will would like to undertake, as I did, walking around 5km to the resort via Meedhoo and Hulhudhoo down a back road to urge there and showing at the employees entrance.

Although it’s not inspired, and takes a definite quantity of sweet-talking with staff, it’s fully potential to ‘infiltrate’ resort on foot via the islands, while not a tour reservation. They’ll let backpackers holding British, European or yank passports into the resorts however to avoid rows, it’s best to ring the resort ahead to warn them of your arrival. whereas i used to be at the safety gates, expecting guest services to substantiate if I may enter on every day occupancy, a couple of locals additionally tried to urge into the resort, and were less winning than I. The trained Nepalese security guards area unit well versed within the art of keeping out intruders as well as some tricky crustaceans World Health Organization additionally strive their luck.

As the majority of these World Health Organization add the underpopulated islands additionallywork the resort, typically alternative locals attempt to ‘blag’ their manner within, like myself,however it’s terribly rare. it’s still quite rare for freelance travellers to show up unexpected,however once initial suspicions were allayed they were terribly friendly. Some Asian resorts still have a somewhat sniffy perspective towards unexpected guests.

Many of the guests at the Herethera resort, in the main pilots and crew transiting through from Gan on a stop, area unit unaware of the underpopulated islands simply a stone’s throw away. There area unit typically day visits however once the building is running at low occupancy they’re off.

While it’s hardly up to luxurious standards nonetheless, an area at Herathera Island Resort in high season will still set you back around $300US per night. but for work papers holders or packing travellers, the building features a ‘day rate’ and can allow you to return and use the pool and amenities for alittle quantity.

This mid-market building has bound charms concerning it, however can shortly be remodeled underneath the Amari whole. From the instant you enter the entrance hall, embellished in red, white and black with easy flower decorations, you’ll be able to start up your shoes and relax. once checking in, a buggy arrives to require you to your area, or in my case, to the bar! There area unit 2main bars and restaurants as well as one with the most important swimming pools within the Maldives, though this explicit space was closed at the time of my visit, because the roof tiles had softened off throughout a storm that the eating place was undergoing a renovation.

With this people in mind, the food is basic however quite low cost and pretty sensible quality, with pizza pie and free-flowing brewage all afternoon (I assume I racked up concerning eight from the afternoon to hour, and it set ME back around $30US- due to Happy Hour). this can be fairly low cost language that associate all comprehensive package would have set ME back around 10 times that price! For those with some energy to pay, need here may be a fantastic well equipped beach for water sports and as a paying guest you’re entitled to most of those facilities, with the exception of diving as a part of the package.

The packing market higher hurry to Addu currently, like the event of the flying field it’s just like theupscale brands area unit getting. Underneath Amari, this resort is ready to draw in high-end guests. Flights from urban center transferral in China’s made youngsters have already started in operation within the region.

Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa

The radical exclusive region is predictably ‘la dee da’, and also the solely 5 star resort within thespace, however well value every day visit as long as you agree earlier with security and guest reservations. you’ll be able to purchase every day price tag however in high season it’s nearly not possible. A daily employees ferry leaves Feydoo at 11am though as I discovered, you can’t get wise the island while not asking. I ought to have celebrated, once a non-public jet ferry aoutstanding Indian wealthy person and his family flew in to Gan flying field earlier that morning, that the island was off limits to day-trippers. the marriage price $5 million USA and also the family set-aside out a part of the island for the personal ceremony. Despite sporting a hat and my best frock, I still couldn’t get myself onto the guest list. incoming on a picket dhoni, i used to be with politeness escorted backpedal the island via the influential person breakwater, during a trendy speed boat in fact.

Villingili Resort & Spa ADDU
Villingili Resort & Spa ADDU


Meedhu and Hulhumeedu have completely different island councils and their own native election candidates. associate MDP fastness, yellow banners showing the party colors area unit arrange on the island at election time. after I visited, Addu was the main target of media attention owing to the court charm filed by Dr Hassan of Hulhumeedhoo opposing the governments’ plans to show Addu into a town. however the court overruled the choice and currently Addu is ready to become a totally in operation town.

The coral reef are going to be home to the SARC (South Asian Regional Cooperation Council) conference later this year and far is to be done to arrange the infrastructure. Contracts are awarded for several comes and activity and interests area unit rising within the horse-shoe formed coral reef, that once thirty years of hurt and abandonment finally looks to be obtaining its share of fine fortune and luck.

The Low Down

Getting there

Option 1:
Daily flights to Gan flying field from Male international: more or less a pair of,500Rf (US$325)

Option 2:
Independent soul route
From Male to Gan: 3 day boat trip aboard the simplest Line vessel from outside the Fruit and Vegetable Market
Cabin area for approx 100Rf per day (300 Rf)
Call Captain Muhammadan of Best Line on 792 3414 or 799 5737 or attend the fruit and vegetable market in Male’ to undertake to hitch a elevate with another merchandise boat. generally they leave on a ten day cycle, therefore you’ll be able to blag a come back trip too.

Option 3:
Safari boat-consult a agent regionally like Voyages Maldives, Sultans of the Seas or raise Liveaboard Association of Maldives computer

*Please note venues and costs area unit perpetually ever-changing within the Maldives.


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